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 Not frivolous in terms of happy but frivolous in terms of trivial, I guess:

I do not like students who are, in class, *raise hand to show off how much they know*. And my choir is...weird. It's a small church, with a few oldsters (at least one of whom is going deaf and complaining about the director, but...she sticks around anyway?), and fewer youngsters (hiya) who are just enthusiastic amateurs.

But...we're also down the road from a large and prestigious university with a music school. So we hire a bunch of ringers, and the choir makes up a very large portion of the weekly attendance, and is pretty good for our church's size. If anything, the director holds us all to the same high standards, getting annoyed when we underperform at times.

So we often have the show-offs being like "ooh, I think we need to do measure 41 again" or "it would be nice if we all watched the director (:" or today, most annoyingly, "let's stand in a circle so we can listen to each other better!" This is not the place to play teacher's pet. :(
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I wrote two fics for the time travel exchange Past Imperfect, Future Unknown!

The Manipulation (3210 words)
Fandom: Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Rachel (Animorphs), Marco (Animorphs)
Additional Tags: Time Travel, Non-Time Traveller POV, Iskoort
Summary: All the Animorphs have secrets to keep. But Marco seems even more secretive than normal, and his secrets hold promise--or peril.

Grave Accents (1540 words) 
Fandom: Star Wars Original Trilogy, Star Wars Prequel Trilogy
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Mace Windu, Leia Organa, Anakin Skywalker
Additional Tags: Time Travel, Extra Treat

In retrospect, Mace decided, it had mostly been Qui-Gon’s fault. He was measured enough not to blame the master for the entire state of affairs; after all, it was not Qui-Gon but chance or the will of the Force that had brought young Leia to Jedha.

Post-canon Marco goes back to his younger self (and body) to diverge the Animorphs' future; young Leia accidentally goes back to the PT era and becomes Mace's Padawan.

I feel like a lot of time travel stories (including these!) can find themselves wanting to be epics, and explain every divergence and the ripple effects...and that's not the kind of story I can write as an exchange gift with a fixed timeframe. (Or possibly ever, given my energy levels. :p ) So it winds up being like just a few "snippets from this universe," which I hope doesn't leave with a "but it ended just when it was getting good! :(" feeling. If so, sorry!

(I have a few self-indulgent and poorly thought out headcanons from down the line of "Grave Accents," but no idea how to explain what happens in the immediate aftermath.)
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 The mayor of Merano says "come to us and feel the force." Star Wars crossover confirmed. 
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A pirate when I'm accepting a bribe: Good choice, son. We've both come out of this richer.
Me: Call me son one more time...!

(The same goes for the rebel soldier who's like "personally, sir, I'd have stuck with the Federation." A, who says I'm a sir, B, don't use the excuse of "there's a war to fight" when you could be fighting for it on our side, dude.)
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So various dreamwidth users came up with the idea to post silliness in February (under a variety of names) to ease the acculturation from Tumblr/not be so serious all the time. Me being me, I'm likely to ramble on anyway, but maybe I'll be less self-conscious about it? (ha ha ha ha ha)

[personal profile] melannen came up with a generator I've modified to suggest random combinations of topics, but today I have silly thoughts about FTL. Unlock-wise, I got the "defense drones..." achievement with the rock (the trick is to fire more than one at once to disable the drones), and then today I completed the Federation Cruiser quest! Cool beams. We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, instead of Hogwarts sorting or whatever the other tropes are (I like Ajahs from Wheel of Time, myself, but that's another story), the cool new typecasting should obviously be stereotyping characters by species in FTL.

Humans: "common and uninteresting," quick to improve at skills
Zoltans: low HP, can power systems
Engi: robotic, good at fixing things, bad at fighting
Mantis: fast, good at fighting, bad at fixing things
Rock: high HP, slow, immune to fire
Slugs: can sense lifeforms, immune to mind control, live in creepy nebulas
Lanius: only available in advanced mode, don't need oxygen and in fact suck it out of rooms
???? there's some kind of bonus species but I have yet to find their homelands, it's a mystery.

Anyway, with regards to something like Hamilton (because that deserves more silliness and less endless rants);
Hamilton: human. A million things he hasn't done, but he learns fast.
Eliza and Angelica: Zoltans. I guess they could be different species if we're going the mixed-ethnicity angle, but I like the contrast of Eliza being the sweet and non-warry one, and Angelica being all like "electricity! wait till Ben Franklin sees this."
Burr: Lanius. Antisocial and aloof, off doing his own thing.
Washington: Rock? Going around stomping out fires. Maybe a Mantis, but he also has to be a smart executive.
Mulligan and Madison: I think also Rocks. Hercules is big, Madison thinks slowly and then says one-word utterances. Sure.
Jefferson: Slug?
Maria and James Reynolds: also Slugs? IDK what the stereotype is for Slugs (nebulas are scary, I try to avoid them), but I would think they'd be kind of the socially manipulative ones...?
Laurens: Zoltan? Not actually that good in a war.

Anyway, you get the idea.
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There's a scene in the last of the Baby-Sitters' Club Friends Forever spinoffs where Stacey McGill is panicking looking for a lost copy of a library book, and then just winds up replacing it so she can graduate.

That's me right now. Except it took multiple trips to Amazon to track it down, but, one less barrier preventing me from graduating. (Now for all the actual academic hurdles...)
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I'm not sure if any of my readers are into Steven Universe, but I figured I might as well ask; some of my friends on another site are planning a (re)watch and I'm curious if it's something I'd be into. I know, I know, the episodes are short so I might as well sample them to decide if I'd like to, but I'll put it out to the hive mind for feedback. I've been osmosed/spoilered for a lot of the general details, so no need to be spoiler-free.

I'm not really into cartoons as a genre; the last couple TV shows I watched were ASoUE and Stranger Things. I like the ideas of: science fiction worldbuilding, Chekhov's guns, songs (sometimes). Not really into: gender identity focus, overly-cheesy tones, romance as a major plot point.

IDK, I'm not sure how to summarize what I am/am not looking for. What would you want to know about a person's tastes before (anti)-reccing it?
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So I didn't watch the first couple seasons of the show when they came out, because I'd soured significantly on the books from start to finish. I enjoyed the meta-humor of the first few even when it was dark humor, but the later, more "interconnected" books, were like "we're gonna set up mysteries and then not solve them because closure is for babies and losers, Real Writers just leave you hanging," and...I ain't bout dat life.

But I'd heard that the TV series ended a lot better in that regard, so I gave it a try. And yes, it delivered!

Several good villain ensemble songs (and several mediocre ones). Good running gags (there's a very impressive newspaper delivery cyclist in season 2, the arrows on the hospital walls point to stuff like "deadly snake bits," "pee into cup"). Sunny and her card-shuffling skills are very impressive.

It also made me realize how much of the back half of the series I really didn't remember. Like, Quigley Quagmire shows up, there's a line about "this is called a cranioectomy" "doesn't that mean brain removal?" "yes, it's very dangerous, but life is full of risks" (maybe it's the migraines that made that stick with me, hah), and...??? Like everything after the red herrings just kind of blurs together (I'd basically forgotten the entire sugar bowl "subplot"), so I appreciated the second time around.

Fic I want: Ike Anwhistle said in the flashback scene that he wanted kids with Josephine, and ?!?. Maybe they had a linguist child who had a falling out with Josephine over descriptivism/prescriptivism? So Josephine sends them off to Prufrock or something and then one day they're told they have to go live in the orphan shack...!

There's been several fics about "is Violet Lemony's daughter" given the naming discussion, so maybe something where he's like "she had her birthday on the submarine? when exactly? Ohhhh dear."

And just everybody reuniting and being happy, bleepit. :p With dark narrative humor as need be.
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So last month [personal profile] melannen was discussing a list of recommended SF/fantasy books, and one of the authors on there was Sylvia Louise Engdahl. Although I hadn't read the specific book, I mentioned that I'd enjoyed her "Children of the Star" trilogy back in the day. (Not sure when I read it, but 2006 or earlier!) Some of the phrasing is really gorgeous and lyrical, and had stuck with me.

Then [personal profile] elf replied that she had re-released them on a self-publishing site (Smashwords), and so I picked them up to revisit!

It holds up pretty well. The main character, Noren, in the first book especially comes off as a little too "I am so special and smart, but my family and my fellow villagers are all sheep and just don't understaaaand," but the complexity of the antagonist (Stefred) helps counterbalance that. There's also a nice scene where Noren meets up with a group of other people who, like him, are contemplating heresy, but have a much more "burn the whole system down" attitude than his idealism, and the contrast even among "heretical" mindsets is pretty neat.

The second book can be a little anvil-y at times, but I really do like the take on science and religion, and hope for the future of humanity (in all its forms).

Engdahl also has an active website and answers reader e-mail, so I was honored to hear back from her after sending my appreciation!

There's no fic (except technically Noren shows up in an enormous crossover I cowrote many years ago...but that doesn't really count); maybe nominating it for Yuletide? Or Be The First if I can get off my butt sooner.
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Posted this on Tumblr a couple months ago, last paragraph new:

Read more... )
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I don't think I'd ever thought to look for it before (maybe I'd just had it down as one of those "highbrow" movies that don't develop a fic presence), but there's fic for Arrival (the movie) on Ao3. The movie was well-done but bittersweet, so I was happy to find some fix-it fic out there!

Yes, yes, I recognize that the movie (and story it's based on) are not illustrative of linguistic science.

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(New to me) books read: 40

Highlights: anything by Dava Sobell (history of science), The Mapmaker's Wife--Robert Whitaker (similar genre, exploration and survival in 1700s South America), A Man Without Words--Susan Schaller (linguistics case study), Electric October--Kevin Cook (1947 World Series, biographies spanning before and after of the little-known players who made big impacts), The Management Style of the Supreme Beings--Tom Holt (humorous fantasy, religious themes).

(New to me) TV shows watched: 4
Complete seasons: one, Stranger Things 2. I liked it! Including the polarizing Chicago episode.

(New to me) movies seen: 6.5, I wasn't watching or paying attention to all of "Springsteen on Broadway" but I'd probably recommend it over any of the 6...
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Another fun year of Yuletide with small fandoms new and old!

Miracle on Ice (3598 words)
Fandom: The Divine Cities Series - Robert Jackson Bennett
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Turyin Mulaghesh, Original Characters
Additional Tags: Post-Canon, Canon-typical language, Yuletide 2018
Summary: Part of Mulaghesh wonders how much Ghaladesh counts as the world. The world, in its vastness, calls to mind the small-minded squabbles of highland Voortyashtan, the areas of Bulikov cordoned off after the Blink, the humid isolation of Javrat.
Yet Ghaladesh is changing every day.

Post-canon "casefic" of sorts for Divine Cities, featuring Mulaghesh learning about Dreyling hockey and trying not to swear on the job.

Zersetzung (3982 words)
Fandom: Die perfekte Diktatur - Farin Urlaub Racing Team (Song)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Narrator's Friend (Die perfekte Diktatur), Narrator (Die perfekte Diktatur)
Additional Tags: Dystopia, Yuletide Treat, Yuletide 2018
Summary: There is only one way out.


I discovered this song via a Yuletide promo (lyrics in translation, on Youtube)--less than five minutes but features a cool plot twist and raises all kinds of worldbuilding questions. This is a retelling from another POV.

Escort Quest (6633 words)
Fandom: Chess (Board Game)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Knight (Chess), Pawn (Chess)
Additional Tags: Chess Problems, Fairy Tale Elements, Embedded Images, Crueltide, Yuletide Treat, Yuletide 2018
Summary: A loyal knight has one goal: to guide the kingdom's heir to promotion. But nothing will prepare them for the friends and threats they meet on the way to enemy territory...
Chess puzzles! Featuring "retroanalysis" (what was the last move? etc) shenanigans, and en passant-related angst.

The Bishop's Gambit (1589 words)
Fandom: Pierre Menard Author of the Quixote - Jorge Luis Borges
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Pierre Menard, Ruy López de Segura
Additional Tags: Chess, Yuletide Treat, Yuletide 2018
Summary: Pierre Menard meets one of his heroes.
More chess, this in the context of a Borges short story which is kind of the essence of "crack treated seriously." This was a fairly "iddy" fic for me in the non-porny sense; not just chess nerdiness but also allusions to other Borges stuff, calculus nonsense, and a weird philosophical trilemma in which I tend to reach a difference conclusion than Menard (and Borges' narrator), but think about on weird occasions.

The Journeys of Sarah Sioban Grey (19 words, about 5000 across all playthroughs)
Fandom: The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August - Claire North
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Sarah Sioban Grey
Additional Tags: Interactive Fiction, Yuletide Treat, Yuletide 2018
Summary: Life, death, rebirth, memory.
I'm into time travel and the conceits of this book (a few people are reborn after they die in the same time and place they were born the first times, with all their memories; they form a secret society where one generation can slowly pass messages on to another) held my attention more than the main characters. I thought IF would be a fitting format for this minor character exploration, since all of the possible "lives" could still take place in some order or another.

And not for Yuletide, but also just revealed, a holiday fluff treat:

Different Dreams (1021 words)
Fandom: Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Gafinilan-Estrif-Valad/Mertil-Iscar-Elmand
Characters: Gafinilan-Estrif-Valad, Mertil-Iscar-Elmand
Additional Tags: Soulmates, Dream Sharing, Extra Treat

It is said that Andalites have two eyes to see their own world, and two more to see their beloved's.

Gafinilan/Mertil soulmates worldbuilding!

Hope you have a happy and healthy new year. :D
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Stars Keep The Watch (5117 words) by primeideal
Chapters: 16/16
Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Additional Tags: Ficlet Collection

Ficlets for Star Wars Advent Calendar prompts.


Basically what it says on the tin, mishmash of many characters and eras!

I'll be going out of town with my family soon, may check in, but in case I don't get to it for a while--assortment of Yuletide fics (and one non-Yuletide mystery one) should be revealed soon. Several new fandoms and styles for me. Stay tuned! :)

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It's been a relaxing break so far, that's for sure! ;)

Since last writing... )
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 ...but my FFN account is old enough to register for an FFN account.

Merry Christmas Eve if you're celebrating!
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When it comes to great Christmas albums, for me a front-runner is "The Bells of Dublin" by Irish folk music group The Chieftains and some of their collaborators. My parents (who are, like me, both left-wing Christians) have a well-loved CD copy that has some "skips" from lots of play. I'm pretty sure my dad had the cassette version from 1991 until recently, it might have gotten disposed of during some spring cleaning.

Why is it good? Well, it features a great mix of new and old music, as well as religious and secular songs. There are bells ringing in a cathedral, and there's an original Elvis Costello song about poisoning your relatives the day after Christmas. There's multiple versions of a song about hunting a wren, and an English/Latin mashup about eating a boar's head.

Amid all these great songs, there's one that I think is...pretty terrible, and the juxtaposition of it with the good ones just makes it look more terrible. Below the cut (for religious/political discussion), screwed-up digressions about how my mind works.

'The Rebel Jesus' by Jackson Browne )

On the upside, the accompaniment with the Irish music is very nice??


Dec. 18th, 2018 06:33 pm
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-Harper's Magazine had a nice feature/review on the Oulipo, some of my writing inspirations, at the back of their new issue. Some of my favorite Oulipian constraints are the lipogram (writing text without a particular letter of the alphabet, such as e), "Exercises in Style" (retelling the same story 100 times in different formats), and "Metro Poems" (composing poems in your head between stops of a train journey, then writing the lines down at the stops).

-I had a couple plane flights the last couple weeks, and what's a nerd to do without internet? Relapse into FTL: Faster Than Light, of course. I have yet to beat the game, but the last few days I'd been trying the Kestrel (the first ship you start with) again to try to get some of the achievements that will let me unlock the next "human-style" ship. Today I got the United Federation achievement with six different species onboard at once.
Spoilers for the Lanius sectors )
In other news, migraines suck, and I'm thinking about writing a post about the worst song from the best Christmas album. (I'd been thinking about writing it before it came on just now...)
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Dear Past Imperfect writer,

Hello! I'm also [ profile] primeideal  on Ao3, and I'm requesting fic for all fandoms.

Time travel is one of my favorite tropes, and I will be very happy with whatever you write! Feel free to mix and match prompts, and if some other trope from the list appeals to you more, feel free to bring it in too/instead. Can't go wrong with time travel.

With these tags, I feel like the tags themselves are basically prompts, so I don't have too much to add besides general thematic stuff I'll try to expand on/specify for each fandom. Basically, I like stories that have some sense of conclusion--happy, hopeful, or rocks-fall-everyone-dies. I don't like cliffhangers, or the sense that the (canon's) main plotlines were "for nothing." To the extent that those are canonical, I'd prefer not to focus on them.

Some other general likes:
-wit and wordplay
-nonstandard formats (documentation, epistolary, etc.)

-explicit sex
-underage sex
-second person POV
-character or religion bashing


Any characters (Aftran, Aximili, Cassie, Elfangor, Jake, Marco, Rachel, Tobias nominated)

Time Loop/Groundhog Day - Escape by Achieving Mission
Time Loop/Groundhog Day - Non-Looper POV
Outsider POV Of Strange Events Caused By Time Travel
Outsider POV Of Time Traveler(s)
Time travel into the future by relativistic spaceflight
Peggy Sue
Time Travel Fix-it - Time Travelers Disagree On How To Fix The Problem
Worldbuilding About Time Travel Mechanics
Time Travel Fix-It - Altering Canon or Backstory

Shipwise, I like Rachel/Tobias, Marco/Rachel, and Cassie/Jake. Fixes for canon would be wonderful, or speculation on the nature of Sario Rips, the Time Matrix, etc!

Harry Potter:

Luna, Regulus, Luna/Helena, Regulus/Harry, Regulus+Harry, Angelina+Alicia+Katie

Time Travel Fix-It - Altering Non-Canonical Disaster
Meeting Currently Dead Character in Past
Time Travel Fix-It - Canon Is the Fix
Time Travel for Academia
Time Travel For Fun And Profit
Trying To Avoid A Temporal Paradox
Love Interest Time Jumps Instead of Dying

"Academia" and "Fun and Profit" sound fun for the Quidditch ladies--watching classic games? Trying to bet on them? Researching something?

I'd be happy to have Regulus or Helena saved by an interfering time traveller, and/or escape by journeying into the future. I'd rather not see something where Helena is a ghost forever, but either fix-it or tragedy are both great.

Star Wars:

Anakin|Vader, Bail, Breha, Finn, Lando, Luke
Bail & Leia, Galen & Jyn, Lando/Poe, Leia & Anakin, Leia & Luke, Leia & Mace, Leia & Padmé, Luke & Anakin, Luke & Shmi, Lyra & Jyn

(I have the same prompts for both characters and relationships, it was just too many so I duplicated it in two requests!)
Time Loop/Groundhog Day - Escape by Achieving Mission
Time Loop/Groundhog Day - Non-Looper POV
Outsider POV Of Strange Events Caused By Time Travel
Outsider POV Of Time Traveler(s)
Time travel into the future by relativistic spaceflight
Time Travel Fix-It - Altering Non-Canonical Disaster
The Force Made Them Time Travel
Time Travel Fix-It - Altering Canon or Backstory

I'm not familiar with secondary canon (TV shows etc) so I'd prefer nothing that focuses on those eras, but feel free to go with any or all movie timeframes. While I love many of the new characters in the ST, I'm less of a fan of what it's done to the OT characters/their lives. So feel free to ignore it, or change it via time travel!


Any character (Jack Armstrong, Merle Stone, Lothar Gelt, Selentity Dreeb, The Tyrant, Help nominated)

Outsider POV Of Strange Events Caused By Time Travel
Outsider POV Of Time Traveler(s)
Worldbuilding About Time Travel Mechanics
canonical time travel
Time Police From The Far Future Will Try To Interfere With Your Silly Time Travel Hijinks
Time Travel Tourism

I love this canon's blend of cracky humor with thoughtful and consistent time travel rules, between the alternate branches of time and the need to secure the "right" backstory. Feel free to play with the identity issues, or just expand on the humor of the galaxy.


Again, these are just suggestions, I'd be very happy with anything time travel related. Thank you in advance!
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I recently saw a theater performance of "A Christmas Carol," which was performed as a one-person show. A lot of it was quoting Dickens' narrator in the book, so it was third-persony at times, but still had different voices for various characters.

This isn't specific to this production, and maybe is just a fluke of how my brain works, but it's interesting to me how the different chapters sort of build on each other, with Scrooge at first skeptical/freaked out when Marley appears, and by the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come really terrified and determined to change his ways. Some of his "I will be a better person" starts before that, of course, but I think we're supposed to take away that the climax/biggest element in getting him to repent is the Future chapter, and in particular, the gravestone.

My question is...why? In particular, why that compared to, say, the Marley scene?

The future section tells us that, if things continue as they are, Scrooge will die alone and unloved, nobody will mourn him, people will steal his bed curtains, etc. Would Scrooge as portrayed at the beginning of the story about any of that? He's gonna be dead. Marley's death was similar, and Scrooge didn't seem to mind.

We also see the Cratchit family mourning Tiny Tim. This affects Scrooge, and that makes sense! Tiny Tim's fate is something that he can easily (in narrative) change by stepping in and supporting Bob. But in fact, Scrooge is so concerned about Tim that when he first meets him in the Ghost of Christmas Present section, he asks "what will happen" and the Spirit says "if things continue the way they are, Tim will die." Do we gain anything by seeing that "confirmed" in the bad future?

If I remember correctly, in the book Scrooge pleads with the spirit to say "whose name is that upon the stone, tell me this is just one possibility and not guaranteed to happen." The first part isn't exactly the same in the play, I think, but I'm guessing we're still supposed to infer "Scrooge is concerned that he was that dead guy he saw." (I.E. without context, his fear could be that the year on the stone is too close to the present, but I don't really think that's the point, and it's not like changing his behavior to be more moral is likely to make him any longer-lived.)

In contrast, Marley straight-up tells Scrooge, "I was neglectful to my fellow humans, and as a result, I'm cursed to bear this terrible chain and drag it around forever. If you don't shape up, you're gonna end up like me if not worse." This feels a lot more scary than "you will die and nobody will give a bleep." Like...everyone dies. And Scrooge doesn't seem the type to be concerned if people go about their business without him. Is he just too shocked at Marley's arrival to really process it? Is this just me projecting my thoughts/beliefs about afterlife/the infinite onto a cranky old businessman?


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