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There once was a young little kook
Who liked to read many a book.
For hour after hour,
And now I'll devour
Up any which fic you can cook!

(That is to say, write any which fic you'd like--if it means something to you, I'll love it! These are just more optional details.)

Things I like: happy endings, or sad endings sometimes. Friendship, humor (especially verbal or dry, less so slapstick).

I do not like ambiguous endings, issue-fic, bashing of these characters or the fandoms themselves, explicit sex, or rape/non-con, thanks! I'm fine with both gen and ship-fic, though some of these characters are more given to shipping than others. (In general I'd prefer no wildly non-canon pairings for these fandoms.)

(Edit: for all of these I said "General" or "Teen" audiences, that's pretty generic, I guess. I'm fine with graphically violent content, if you think the fic calls for it--can't really see it for Will Grayson, BSC, or Phantom Tollbooth, though feel free to surprise me!)

I would love fic for any of these fandoms equally; given the differences between some of the characters, I have more to say about some fandoms than others in order to touch on most of the different characters represented here.


Request: Any nominated character (Mariel, Dandin, Russano, Buckler)
"Anything about the nominated characters! (Not all at once, obviously.) For Mariel or Dandin, I'd love to see something post-canon, maybe bringing closure to their story. I could read them as friends or lovers, whichever works for you. Any era goes for Russano or Buckler, whether that's set at Salamandastron with Russano's family, or a young Buckler resenting the military life! If none of these characters work for you, maybe something humorous with OCs?"

If you're in this fandom, you may know me as Ember Nickel.

For Mariel and/or Dandin, I'd really like something not left open-ended for them--whether that's retiring to the Abbey, or someone reporting on their legends after their deaths at a ripe old age. (Or maybe one of them tragically dies for the other in battle? This could work as either gen or shippy, I guess.)

Russano has a canon family (wife and children), so I'd rather not see him paired with OCs, but you can flesh them out in whatever way suits your fancy. Maybe how he deals with interpreting prophecies on the walls? Or trying to provide more non-violent opportunities to the Salamandastron hares?

I love the idea of Buckler, the hare who doesn't really care about what-whating and military culture, and his dramatic confrontation with Zwilt was a great look at different kinds of heroism. Maybe more of him and his sister-and-law or niece and nephew, afterwards? Or him being the straight man (hare?) to Diggs' antics.

If you don't really like any of these characters, I'd love to see something funny, maybe poking fun at the premise while still not trashing the fandom. (Like, how do all these questers find all these secret rooms, without running across the things that are hidden for the next generation of investigators?)

Series of Unfortunate Events

Request: Violet Baudelaire, Klaus Baudelaire, Duncan Quagmire, Isadora Quagmire, Quigley Quagmire
"I would love to see some future fic with a genuine, unambiguous, happy ending--or, if not ending, narratively compelling stopping point--for the Baudelaire kids. The implied ships with the Quagmires, for Violet and Klaus are fine with me, if you'd like to include them, but gen is also welcome. I love humor, especially for this fandom, but it's not mandatory. If you'd rather do a different era, maybe cute scenes earlier in the Baudelaires' or Quagmires' lives? (I didn't request Sunny but for a gen, sibling fic would be more than happy to see her included as well; don't force it if she won't fit, though!) Feel free to weave in Snicket-esque definitions, sidetracks, and/or red herrings."

My real big request in this fandom is to please, please not go too far down the road into pretentiousness, post-earnestness, "I'm more mature than you so I'm going to leave things open Because That's How Intellectuals In This Century Think" or anything like that. The last few books really disappointed me in that regard, and I recognize this might be phrased kind of awkwardly, so if you're unsure, err on the side of a boring and straightforward plot.

That said, I adored the humor of the earlier books, and would love to see anything riffing on those themes! Feel free to break through the fourth wall if you'd like to go off on "a word which here means..." tangents, translate for Sunny, anything like that! A happy ending would be great, making fun of the fact that you're giving people happy endings would be fun. Or, if you want to kill everybody off, that could definitely be hilarious too! As long as you have fun with it.

Will Grayson Will Grayson
Request: Will Grayson (John Green/uppercase), Will Grayson (David Levithan/lowercase), Tiny Cooper, Jane
"This book delighted me and I'm sure I'd love any direction you choose to take it. My memory of Gideon isn't the strongest so I'd rather not see a lot of focus on him, but if you'd like to include him in an ensemble fic that would certainly be all right with me. Given the themes of the book, the importance of friendships and non-romantic relationships was something I'd really enjoyed, so I'd be interested in seeing more friendship stuff with Uppercase Will and Tiny (before or after the book). Or, at some other point, Tiny and Jane (setting up the Gay-Straight Alliance?) Uppercase and lowercase Will going on to be closer friends? Making fun of musical theater plots?"

Some completely optional details that would make me squee would be anything specifically referencing the Chicagoland settings. Maura was not requested, but if you'd like to write about her and lowercase Will, I'd be happy with that--I thought the story was a surprisingly realistic take on the importance online relationships can have to us. Another random plot bunny would be lowercase Will (perhaps influenced by any of his friends you choose) making amends to the math team (anything involving math competitions will definitely make me squee).

Canon ships here are fine with me, so if you're in the mood for writing Uppercase Will/Jane, or Tiny/Will Three, that's great! I'd rather not have a focus on sex, though. And, while I'm definitely into non-ship fic, if Will Three doesn't serve much of a purpose beyond being someone else to break up with Tiny I'd rather not see him.

Baby-Sitters Club
Request: Kristy Thomas, Mary Anne Spier, Claudia Kishi, Stacey McGill, Dawn Schafer, Mallory Pike, Jessi Ramsey, Abby Stevenson
"I've requested any of the main sitters (if for some reason you'd like to include Logan or Shannon, that's fine, but I'm not interested in their other nominated classmates). Fun reunion-era fic would be fun, please not too much emphasis on non-canon pairings if you go that route. Any sort of missing scenes during the main timespan of the books would be entertaining, and if you like humor, I feel like this would be a fun fandom to do dry humor with. (Or crossovers with other small fandoms?)"

I didn't read most of the Friends Forever books, so I'd rather not rely on the background pairings introduced there. I'd prefer to see Mary Anne/Logan, Mallory/Ben, or Kristy/Bart if you'd really like to do something shippy, and please no non-canon ships. Among the other fandoms for this exchange I'm most interested in (besides those listed here) are L'Engle's Time Quintet series (Murrys and O'Keefes), Ender's Game, Harry Potter, and Summerland, which I recognize aren't great with the place and time setting, but if you want to do something really off-the-wall I'm sure I'd be up for it. Stacey's math skills, Kristy's sports obsessions, and Mallory's love of writing were the subplots that most interested me, but I'd be happy to see something about any of the other characters too. Kristy in the last book, recognizing that the others have changed more than her while she's very much the same person she was at the beginning of the series, is also someone who really resonates with me--I think if you wanted to push the fourth wall for whatever reason this might be a good place to do it, but I'd rather not have a message of "it's good for everyone to mature and really change their priorities."

The Phantom Tollbooth
Request: Any character.
"Anything goes! The adventures of the other characters, after Milo's departure? Or maybe he finds a magical gateway into other realms, or later in life uses some mad science and/or mad literary skills to burrow his way back into the Phantom-esque lands? I'm a sucker for nerdy humor on pretty much any level. In addition, if you happen to know the movie-verse, I remember really enjoying that adaptation, although I'm fuzzy on the details (beyond the music! "Henceforth and forthwith..."), so allusions to that would be entertaining but certainly not required. More optional details at letter."

The bad news is I don't remember this fandom in the best detail, so I can't single out something I really want to see. The good news is pretty much anything relying on dorky humor will have my utmost admiration! Short Shrift was not nominated, but I remember enjoying him as a great antagonist, so if you'd like to include him impeding the course of justice he'd be a welcome surprise. Or any other non-nominated (or movie?) character you'd like to throw in.
As above, no need to be wedded to this--write whatever you'd like, and I'm looking forward to it already! :)


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