Jan. 2nd, 2017

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So, Yuletide happened! I'll post a reveals post on Tumblr; if people want me to TL;DR about it, I can do that, too, but it would be super long and self-absorbed so I'm not sure whether that's worth it.

To make a very long story short, I treated for "La Disparition"/"A Void," and realized that I wanted to canon review just to remember the names of some minor characters if nothing else, because I first read it several years ago and had forgotten most of it. It was surprisingly hard to find the sort of "wait, who was who" stuff by Googling, because there aren't very many non-paywalled, English-language web pages about this book! A handful of Google books stuff with page limits, and some in French. So I took notes along the way, just sort of "in chapter N we meet Mr. X," as a useful memory jog for anyone who wants a summary without having to do a reread. Mostly this is my own notes and will be very spoilery/confusing to anyone who hasn't read canon, but I figured if anyone else is Googling this and is in my position for fic or other purposes it might be useful someday.

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