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A prime ideal is an abstract algebra concept I learned about on the day I created this journal. The two most important categorizations for me are so large and small respectively that I tend not to go into them on the Internet.

I don't post a lot but I do use this for community reading and commenting. (And fests! Have discovered so many fests to read/write in! Many fests!) There is at the moment no locked content, so if I'm not granting you access, that's nothing personal--there's just really nothing to see here! :)

I also tend not to subscribe to individual journals, but I'll often browse community member lists, so I might run across you as a lurker. Don't mind me. :)

I have some fic on ao3:
If you want to translate/podfic/remix/do anything to my fics, I'd be pleased and honored! Please let me know if you choose to upload it. :)

I also blog about baseball and various constrained writing at

Fest mods: I am over 18.
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