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 (Part of the Autistic People Are series.)

As a person on the autism spectrum, I can oftentimes place an emphasis on logical thinking. Given the all-important caveat that "if you've met one person on the spectrum, you've met one person on the spectrum," there's in many circles an overlap between autistic people and various parts of the scientific fields. Although I consider myself a mathematician and not a scientist, I appreciate the importance that facets of a thought process like "attention to detail" and "interest in clear, unambiguous definitions" can play in the world of science.

Which is why it's all the more important to not make generalizations about autistic people (or, really, anyone at all), by pitting disparate terms to be at odds. My religious faith is extremely important to me, even if I sometimes feel uncomfortable trying to articulate it in various (web-based and otherwise) spaces. My mind appreciates formal structures and patterns, such as can be found in studying a hymn, or the cycles of the church year and lectionary. Some things that are hard for me are dealing with how we, as a church, can respond to social concerns (such as world hunger or something that makes me feel guilty), or, indeed, struggling to articulate my identity as a person of faith when I'm terrified other people will jump to unwarranted conclusions about my worldview, bolstered by other people's uses of religion for wrongdoing (which is a problem as a person on the spectrum, as well).

More broadly, I can be extremely loyal to people or hobbies I develop, sometimes leery of jumping on "bandwagons" until I can commit. This has its downsides, such as feeling betrayed by other people who take those relationships more casually, but is just another part of how I see the world.
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[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith has expanded her very cool poetry collections to include a military science fiction series about the autistic secession in space. Very cool premise.

As part of that, I was going to leave a comment about the way I (as a person on the autism spectrum) see the world (cosmos, in this case) but I just started putting down random, rambly thoughts and it ballooned into deserving-its-own-post size, so here it is for ysabet and anyone else who finds it useful.

The operative word in the title is an. As the saying goes, "if you've met one person on the've met one person on the spectrum," and I make no guarantees about how this generalizes. I brought up a couple things that seemed to be relevant to the military setting, but if anyone wants to know more about something in specific (on this list or not), please do let me know--I love to blather on about myself. ;)

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