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(This, and perhaps the next few posts, and indeed the previous, are for Fandom Appreciation Week, hosted at [personal profile] china_shop 's journal.)

The first fanfiction I really wrote--though I didn't know what it was called at the time--came via the Animorphs fandom, what some might call "fix fic." For the uninitiated, Animorphs, despite being a series of paperbacks, mostly ghost-written with plots returning to the status quo after each adventure, turned dark and inconclusive at the end, alienating me and perhaps many others. As a result, there's lots of fanfiction set after the end, trying to make sense of it all--and, of course, like any good series, there's more satisfied fare as well. Since most of my reading and writing is done away from this journal setup, it's particularly easy for me to come up with three favorites.

Animorphs: the beginning: the conclusion by Shivanfire: A "happy accident," in the parlance of the fandom, for me that this fic was completed (after four years in the making) just after I arrived on FFN. An amazing re-imagining of what might have happened after the series ended. Not completely happily-ever-after for everyone, which is good! But still in keeping with the themes of hope that were emphasized early on, and at least in tone, a far better match for those early books than the ending we were left with. (Rated T: 18,000 words.)

I Kill One Aux by HotPinkCoffee: Few titles go from being so confusing to so perfect within so short a fic. This fic starts a little before book 54, but is as good an explanation as any I've read for its...confusing...ending. Technically it's outside of FFN site rules; technically, I'm looking the other way. (Rated T: 700 words)

Surcharge by Qoheleth: A drabble sequence involving some OCs, or, thinking seriously but hilariously about how these SF scenarios would really play out. (Actually, an entire list of three fics could have been Qoheleth's thinking seriously but hilariously about how these SF scenarios would really play out. They are that good.) Best part? The title and each chapter title, in keeping with the "drabble" theme, are Dollar Words. (Rated K: 4x100 words)

It's an amazing fandom that came to a stupid end, but readers' loss has certainly been fanficcers' gain.


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