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 Crossposted where it'll be most relevant, but I've finally started posting the Chess musical fic (snarky Arbiter poetry!) that I mostly eight months ago. :/ On Ao3 and FFN.

Also, I am thinking about maybe getting into rounding out my icon collection with some homemade text icons or animations? Which...seems bizarre because of my utter lack of artistic skills, but I can do text...?
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 Fandom Snowflake, day 6 (lazy primeideal jumps around, ahaha): recommend three communities!

[community profile] asexual_fandom focuses on fan portrayals of asexual characters and relationships. It's where the apocryphal Schrodinger's Heroes was born, and I've enjoyed having a place to get ideas for and share my ace-themed fic.

And two on LiveJournal: is a pretty vibrant community for the Animorphs series (which, for reference, finished a decade ago--an attempted re-release this past year fell through). There are some friends-locked posts, which I didn't know when I was lurking there, so fans are encouraged to join up! is a fest celebrating Minerva McGonagall of the Harry Potter series. The quality this past year was outstandingly high--2012 was my first year as a fester so it took me a while to realize that not all fests are created equal, but this has showcased some great writers and artists.
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Here for Day 1 of the Fandom Snowflake Challenge: "post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created." (Yuletide reveals coming soon, hopefully, and I'll plug those as well in time!) But for the moment, I'm collating my fanfictions set during Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and explaining what I think the Hogwarts students were getting up to that year. Most of these are consistent with each other, and I'll mention which of them aren't.

I'm far from the only one who's wanted to know just what the heck Dumbledore's Army was up to, and in general I try to balance the final staggering casualty counts (possibly a mathematical error on Rowling's part) with the hopeful themes the series reflects overall. These are mostly gen pieces, focused on friendship, and hopefully with a little bit of humor here and there.

Ao3 makes use of an archive warning system; some of these feature canon-typical violence, but there is no sexual content. The Golden Generation and Within A Morning Star feature character death warnings, and I've chosen not to warn for Waiting on the World to Change. No archive warnings apply for the other two.

The Golden Generation (3000 words) A Dumbledore's Army piece, with on short sections following various DA members (at Hogwarts, defected, or on the run) throughout the year. This was written for Round 4 of the Fanfiction Idol contest on HFPC (Fanfiction.Net). FFN link.

Within A Morning Star (15000 words) "They were fifteen, for a moment..." Follows three pairs of fifth year friends during the year, in each case a minor canon and an OC. Gryffindors Demelza Robins and Siofra Heffernan, Slytherins Asteria Greengrass and Chrysanthemum Jewkes, and Hufflepuff Derek Marchand and Ravenclaw Orrel Trask have their friendships formed, and/or changed, and/or tested, as more things change and stay the same at Hogwarts. (Yes, I spell Asteria with an e, flower names are a thing. And Derek shows up very briefly at the Christmas party in Book 3 as an ickle firstie.) This was written for the HP Friendship fest on Dreamwidth and Livejournal. FFN link.

Up In Flames (900 words) Part of a Quidditch-themed collection of stories. This one focuses on Demelza and the Gryffindor Quidditch team after Ginny's departure from Hogwarts. These were inspired by the "Talk About Categories" challenge on HPFC. FFN link.

Now, I have two different headcanons when it comes to what one of my favorite characters was doing that year. So this next rec is for a fic that contradicts one of my other fics set around the same time, but everything mentioned so far should be consistent with either of those, taken separately. The points of overlap revolve around, um, mostly what the Quidditch teams were up to that year. What can I say. I really like sports.

Waiting on the World to Change (47000 words) "Officially, I'm a halfblood. Officially, I'm Scottish. Officially, I didn't accidentally wind up here from three years in the future. The official story is wrong. Seriously, my dad hasn't been to Scotland since Hogwarts." The war didn't go quite as planned for Oliver Wood, but 2000 nevertheless finds him successful in the new world. But once he's thrown three years back in time, he struggles to keep out of the way of his younger self, a quest that eventually leads him to Hogwarts. Where he referees a bunch of Quidditch matches. Written for the minor characters' Time-traveller fic challenge on HPFC. FFN link.

And finally, here's a romance that should be just about technically canon-compliant (although not really compliant with my other fics, and I can't say I really ship this pairing...but this was an amazing prompt!)

The Samhain Tiend (11,000 words). As Neville and Luna try to survive their classes and lead Dumbledore's Army, Neville finds himself wanting to learn her secrets...or at least grow closer to her. This goes from the beginning of term up to winter break. FFN link.


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