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 Last week at [community profile] poetree I "hosted" a week of "Digital Found Poetry"--basically explaining, and giving examples of, various internet accounts that collect other people's content under fun formal constraints. Here's a backup of my posts in order:


New York Times Haiku

Google Poetics



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For a [community profile] poetree challenge; writing the story of these two.

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 I found a secret room today
(I wish you'd come along.)
The doors had had nothing to say
(So how could I be wrong?)
I saw poles climb to reach the roof
They formed a shining line:
And if you ask me for some proof
I photographed a sign.
It might be somewhat hard to read,
But I know what it said.
You go and find it, if you need
To find out how it read.
I've read about explorers who
Would all make me quite jealous.
Whether they went by one or two,
They all came back to tell us.
I'm one of them now! I returned.
The door through which I came
Was not to be opened, I learned
--And things aren't quite the same.
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I've been writing for the Schrodinger's Heroes verse again! This time around, with poems, following [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith 's lead.

First off, here are five I wrote for the [community profile] poetree Serial Poetry challenge, mostly crossovers.

The Tentacle Monster Chronicles (Animorphs), Taxicab Geometry (Numb3rs), The Shirt Off Her Back (Revolution), All Politics Is Local (@MayorEmanuel), and Who Let The Dogs Out?

Next up, a couple poems for the [community profile] bloodyvalentine Halloween Guro fest. I know, it's not my usual, but I've always had sort of a thing for snuff fic. Embarrassing, but there you have it.

Oh, and there might be a long fic...much later, so don't hold your breath.

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(See next post for context.)

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I won a poetry prize for a comment I left at [community profile] poetree  a while back. [personal profile] alee_grrl  blended my love of Harry Potter and Wicked to create this lovely poem. Although it's not in any set form, I liked the repetition of rhyming words (bound/found/ground//abounded/surrounded) that knit the poem together. Thanks again! :)

Your Face

Jul. 1st, 2012 07:46 pm
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 This is for the QUILTBAG competition on [community profile] poetree , from the perspective of a speaker who's somewhere between questioning and asexual.

Second poem I've written in a short span of time that got more metrically regular as it went. Not sure what to make of that.
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