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Via Christian Bök on Twitter: La Disparition is fifty :)
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 FTL unlocks:

Rock B, the one with no doors. This is kind of charming/twisted in that it's relatively easy to set everything in the enemy ship on fire (while jumping around your own ship trying to extinguish fire, doors). I'm too softhearted though, when I look over with someone in sensors and see everything is on fire/deoxygenated, it's like...pretty intense so I have my guys wander out of the sensor room and twiddle my thumbs until everybody succumbs. (Rhymes!)

Then Rock C, the one with the Crystal. Still haven't gotten it to the Homeworlds/figured out the Crystal quest. Gotta be close though, right? Right?

From that (just now), the Mantis one by defeating Kazaak but sparing his life. Haven't played it yet, but presumably lots of killing.

When I played it Kazaak was like "okay, there's some weapons in the next sector, quest time." Tracked it down (hull beam and lots of scrap, nice)...only to find that it was a dead end, so we had to turn around and go back and then try to navigate through a zillion rebel-controlled beacons to get to the exit. Which should have been tricky, except...we now had Kazaak, who's super at everything, so I got him to man(tis) the engines and/or fight off the intruders who teleported in. So we made it all the way to the exit before exploding.
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Been keeping my eye on this exchange for a couple years, finally got around to creating for it!

(Re)order of Merlin (3063 words)
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling, Arthurian Mythology
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Merlin (Harry Potter)
Additional Tags: Time Travel, Crossover, Extra Treat
Summary: The travels of the wizard Myrddin, from the end to the beginning.

Pottermore mentions that Merlin attended Hogwarts and was in Slytherin house. There's some uncertainty about when Hogwarts was founded--probably not exactly 1000 years before Harry's time--but depending on when, there would be some issues with "did the Founders even have a common language" (there've been other great fics with this premise) and "how long ago was Arthur, really?" Obviously the solution to this is time travel.

Slightly more based on Malory's version than other versions of Arthuriana, but you shouldn't need to know a specific retelling to get it, I think? Also I was charmed that Merlin (Harry Potter) was already canonized as a subtag of Merlin (Arthurian), every now and then Ao3 gets one right. >.>

Acceptance Speeches for the Dangerous Dai Commemorative Medal (1135 words)
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Original Characters, Fabius Watkins
Additional Tags: Quidditch, Documentation of sorts, Extra Treat

"The Dangerous Dai Commemorative Medal is now awarded at the end of the season to the League player who has taken the most exciting and foolhardy risks during a game." - Quidditch through the Ages, Chapter 7

Quidditch! That's about it. But I love sports, so.

Fabius Watkins is namedropped in Quidditch through the Ages, he died in a freak collision with a Muggle helicopter. Why I'm the first person to write fic about this valiant wizard I have no idea :p

Black and White and Read All Over (1557 words)
Fandom: Chess - Rice/Ulvaeus/Andersson
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Frederick Trumper, Anatoly Sergievsky
Additional Tags: Documentation, Newspapers

From the chess columns of the New York Times.

So I just went back and added my "dubious headcanon chronology" tag because that's what most of my Chess (musical) fics are, tbh, I just didn't want this to automatically out me. Because what's more interesting in a musical about love triangles in the Cold War than finding all the RL chess references and deciding "actually, the first act probably has to be in 1981"?? Nothing, that's what.

It was surprisingly hard to track down a list of RL championship seconds, I suspect Florence would ICly have been one of the first women in that situation, but can't confirm.
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I've never been the type to get tattoos.
Not for me needless needles, cursed to prick.
And more than that, what image could I choose
That I'll believe in long enough to stick?

A creed? A club? A formula? Though truth
Once proven, one might never contradict,
The length of passions kindled in my youth
Is something I'm too cautious to predict.

But, if I choose my skin to unadorn,
I won't seek respect from the insincere.
I will not hide desire behind scorn,
Though showing love become an act to fear.

There is more than enough noise to dismiss:
Let no true pleasures add their guilt to this.
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Attended a new musical about the life of Albert Einstein and his first wife. Called ahead for the possibility of rush tickets and was just told to get there 20-30 minutes early; did so, had to wait for standing room, sigh. But made it.

Here is a broad-strokes outline of the plot:

Act One:
-our hero is born, is brilliant, has daddy issues
-goes to college, hangs out with the bros, impresses them immediately
-is too cool for stuffy old profs who just don't understand him
-flirts with ladies
-publishes a bunch of papers in a short time

Act Two:
-seduced by another women who leads him to cheat on his wife
-wife is like "bleep that guy"
-his son is hurt and negatively affected by this and has mental-health issues as a result
-enemies are out to persecute him, not just because they don't understand his genius, but also because he's a member of a stigmatized minority group
-moves to NEW JERSEY and New Yorkers are horrified by this
-despite trying to seek peace, brings about an extremely weaponized and violent situation and is not happy about it
-his legacy? pretty much everything.

So...yeah, stop me if you've heard this one.

A couple other parallels from other plays: Max Planck is the Sir Lancelot of this group, portrayed as "not only am I incredibly smart and talented, but also I am phenomenally sexy and everyone wants to get in my pants!!" And the act one finale is kind of like that of Proof: "wait did a woman do all this math? That would be shocking and inconceivable, since women doing math is such an unusual and noteworthy thing!"

There were a couple cool ideas in the second act. The "general relativity is like a weight in a blanket" insight is "inspired" by his son jumping on the bed, which is so over-the-top that in context it actually works. And the stuff with the development of atomic weapons...I don't know, they seemed to be trying too hard to pull too many things together with "oh no I cheated on my wife who did the math, and now there are nukes, that sucks," but the "explosion" was pretty stunning in context. But yeah, in general, just felt like they were rushing to fit in too many set pieces/stock tropes.


Mar. 7th, 2019 06:23 pm
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Last night was Ash Wednesday (Christian observance that marks the beginning of Lent, lots of penitence/somberness) which meant choir sang at worship and then had a short rehearsal afterwards.

One of the texts that's traditionally read or sung for Ash Wednesday is Psalm 51, which is about confessing sin. The arrangement we sang seemed way too upbeat/peppy for this text/occasion, and some of the other guys were mocking the arrangement's text too.

One of the verses I like is #8 (I think this is from a more singable, less literal translation): Make me hear of joy and gladness, that the body you have broken may rejoice. A prayer to God, but also a sentiment I have felt over the years directed towards people/institutions who seem to be out to break my body and spirit. :(

Anyway, people were really social/chatty/timewasty/not in an Ash Wednesday frame of mind so the rehearsal afterwards was kind of frustrating. (Not that you have to be all somber and repentant, just...stay on task, please, so we can all go home??)
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Dear Yoda,
Very grateful to you for creating for me, I am! :) Feel free to use as much or as little of this as is helpful. I'm requesting fic for all prompts, and my username is also primeideal on Ao3.
I love Star Wars' themes of hope and redemption. Some of my favorite characters are those who aren't completely committed to one regime throughout their lives, but who make choices that matter along the way and, gradually or abruptly, move in hopeful directions. I like to see unexpected connections and fleshing out minor characters.
I like happy endings, sad endings (when providing some measure of closure or melodrama--I have no problem with character death, if that's the road you want to go down!), nonstandard formats (documentation, epistolary, "William Shakespeare's Star Wars", "Backstroke of the West"), time travel, canon-divergence AUs, five-things fic, dialogue, worldbuilding, wit and wordplay.
I don't like ambiguous endings, issue-fic, explicit sex, underage sex, rape/non-con I'm not familiar with secondary canon for these characters. I prefer no AUs that are mundane in the sense of humdrum, but if you have an idea for these characters that brings out the fantastic and hopeful themes of Star Wars in somewhere equally dramatic but a different setting, go crazy. While I enjoy most unconventional formats, I'm not a big fan of second-person prose. I prefer no focus on Ben Solo|Kylo Ren as a major character (mentions are fine). I don't enjoy themes of cynicism and futility, or that the (canon's) plotlines were "all for nothing;" to the extent this is canonical with the sequel trilogy, I'd prefer you focus on different characters (or go AU). Except as noted, I'm not interested in any unrequested background romantic relationships. (Bringing in other characters for non-romantic interactions is welcome!)
I have the same username on Tumblr and I have some previous Dear Author letters where I've talked more about some of these characters and ships. (And stolen a lot of these prompts from.)

Though I've written more about some than others, I'd be very happy with a gift for any of them here! Please feel free to mix and match prompts.
Anakin Skywalker|Darth Vader
Leia Organa & Anakin Skywalker
Finn & Rey & Anakin Skywalker
Finn & Anakin Skywalker
Padmé Amidala/Darth Vader
-Vader and his subordinates on the Death Star. Could be bureaucratic humor, or maybe he's impressed by Leia's unyielding under torture...sensing her potential?
-How does Vader train with the Force in his Imperial years?
-Anakin's Force ghost appearing to Leia, mentoring her in the Force and otherwise
-Padmé survives RotS and leads the rebellion. Does she know who Vader is? Try to (or go through with) killing him anyway?
-Early-PT Padmé time-travels to in or around the OT era and is intrigued by Vader, but also horrified at the existence of the Empire.
-Force-ghost Anakin trains Finn (and Rey) in the ways of the Jedi (I've received this before, but more would be amazing!)
-Finn (and Rey) travel back to the PT era and meet young Anakin, everyone is confused. 
Finn & Original Stormtrooper Characters
Finn/Rose Tico
-Finn accidentally brings about a Stormtrooper rebellion
-Daily life as part of the First Order
-Finn and Rey have very different ways of fighting, but they'll always watch each other's backs.
-Finn is still new to having something to fight for rather than against, while Rose is full of convictions.
-Finn is terrified of being "reformatted" back to FN-2187 and asks Rey to kill him rather than let him be taken alive if it comes to that. Does she fail, follow through, or do they find another way out?
-Finn helps Rose deal with being a hero in her own right.
Fodesinbeed Annodue
So for context/reminder, this is the two-headed podracing announcer in Phantom Menace who speaks in Basic/English with one head and Huttese in another. I would love absolutely anything about him/them!
-Are they separate minds? Do they ever disagree?
-What is podracing like when Force-sensitive phenoms aren't showing up? Bring on all the sports worldbuilding!
-What different languages does he speak? Does he have to translate for other important events on Tatooine?
-Does he ever run into other canon characters?
K-2SO & L3-37
Lando Calrissian/L3-37
*For L3 fic set post-Solo, I'd prefer that if you have her conscious mind in the Falcon, that she's okay with it and able to communicate somehow. Pre-Solo fic and/or actual death are also welcome, of course!
-L3 and Lando's first meetings.
-Taking advantage of people's misconceptions about droids (and/or their relationships).
-If L3 had lived, how would that impact the OT era?
-K-2 and L3 disagree about how/if droid rebellion should fit into the wider rebellion.
Lando Calrissian/Poe Dameron
-They don't understand how each other could be so incredibly wrong about some subjective point of spacecraft comparison and get into stupidly petty arguments about it.
-BB-8 decides that if Poe keeps losing terribly at sabacc, it's time to take matters into its own digits and find an algorithm to help turn the tables.
-Lando plays a Lor San Tekka-type role, having some clue that could help lead to Luke at the beginning of The Force Awakens, and Poe tries tracking him down then. What changes, what doesn't? (Please no past Lando/Luke.)
Leia Organa & Luke Skywalker & Han Solo
For this prompt, I'd prefer something set in the OT era or going AU, I'm not wild about their ST characterization. Background Han/Leia is fine!
-Finding (or convincing each other to find) downtime in the middle of the war
-Growing old in peacetime and reminiscing on their friendship
-Dealing with weird Force artifacts! Time loop? Hyperspace mayhem?
-Canon-divergence AUs leading to a different first meeting (twin swap, Luke & Leia raised together, Han meeting Leia doing business on Alderaan...)

Maz Kanata/Master Codebreaker
-What made Maz so confident that the Codebreaker could help Finn and Rose out?
-Maz has outlived a lot of people. Is this just a short-term fling for her? How does she cope with human lifespans?
-I think outsider POV could be very amusing; they're both notorious creatures across the galaxy, so when they get together, do gossipers completely misunderstand the circumstances?
Chirrut Îmwe/Darth Vader
Chirrut Îmwe/Lando Calrissian
Chirrut is a fascinating character; I love his perspective on the Force even though he can't sense it. Canon-timelines or AU are fine!
-Lando and Chirrut meet as part of the rebellion
-Vader appreciates someone who can't be intimidated, or horrified, by his appearance
-Vader and Chirrut discussing the Force
-Lando comes to Jedha as part of a smuggling run but finds more than he bargained for
Cliegg Lars/Shmi Skywalker
-How does Cliegg go from seeing Shmi as an emancipated slave to an equal?
-What if Shmi had been rescued from the Tusken Raiders? How does she feel about Cliegg risking his friends' lives to save her? Where do Anakin and Padmé go from there?
-Cliegg's quote about "wherever you are, it's become a better place" was so sweet, and also makes me wonder what non-Force people think about the afterlife? Spiritual worldbuilding?
-Culture shock as Shmi teaches Cliegg (and Owen) how to live in the desert.
Original Character (SW) & Original Character (SW)
Original Character (SW)/Original Character (SW)
Really anything goes here, I love worldbuilding so if you want to flesh out something we only saw a little of in the movies, that would be awesome. Open to any sexes, species, etc.
-Gungan society on Naboo; do they become more integrated into the human culture after TPM?
-What's up with Kamino? What other technological projects do they have going on? How do you hide an entire planet from the records?
-The aftermath of the droid rebellion on Kessel
-Cantina band shenanigans
-The Lanai and Ahch-To over time
-Any kind of in-universe documentation; how are the main characters seen/written about by strangers? (Crack is great.)
Again, use as much or little of this as helps, and thank you again for writing for me! :D May the Force be with you.
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I think one of my medium-ish length fics for a medium-size ship might be the longest* for that ship that's actually centered on that ship, with no other relationship tags?

It might depend on whether people are misusing "&" notation, but still, something I didn't expect to be in contention.

*edit: complete, English-language.

This possibly holds for FFN as well as Ao3? 
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(Not sure who if anyone will appreciate this multifandom parallel, but I Have A Type, okay.)

It's been pointed out by many (including in one of the English-language forwards) that one of the main themes of Quatrevingt-Treize is "is mercy sometimes a bad thing?" Most notably, Gauvain shows mercy to not-great dude Lantenac, and has to accept the consequences. Ditto Tellmarch. The Bonnet Rouge shows mercy to Michelle and her kids, who aren't bad guys, but this winds up putting them in trouble. Etc.

Well, in Andalite Chronicles, Elfangor is responsible for creating Visser refusing to kill thousands of defenseless Yeerks in the transport ship. And like, even if not all of them are Lantenac-level villains, they're on the Taxxon homeworld as part of a war to create a slave empire.

Visser Three brings about Elfangor's death (albeit much more indirectly/later than Gauvain's), and Elfangor is left with basically nothing but his honor, and...IDK, I have a type, that's all.

FTL update

Feb. 26th, 2019 08:48 pm
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Just got past the second stage of the final boss for the first time! Playing with Federation B (Nisos)--randomly lucked into a bunch of different weapons, plus a drone. (I've also unlocked C, which is the suicidal teleporter/clone bay combo.) I don't think there's a big secret to part II other than "hit the drone system really hard, preferably with missiles"?

Last (hopefully?) stage includes a teleporter and "some kind of superweapon," fun.

Probably going to write up a dumb philosophical rambling tomorrow or so, but I'm trying to keep it to one blog per day :p
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#1: Let c be a constant slightly less than 1, such that an (introverted) person gets in c/2 of the conversation in a conversation of 2 people. If the group grows to size n, that person will get less than c/n of the conversation in the larger group.

#2: As the number of people at dinner goes towards infinity, so does the total time needed to find seating, socialize, and do the entire process.

These two together explain why I was fairly drained after the weekend and was in introvert mode yesterday. (I was going to post this then, but not only were my migraines screwing around, my computer failed to recognize wifi for some reason. Luckily it was just a driver issue and it got fixed quickly. Say what you will for the ethics of the software company, every interaction I've had with their store workers has been unfailingly positive and usually helpful.)
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So I saw some interesting prompts for autism-related speculation but it was also easily derailed. I'd previously seen someone else's opinion that Andalite Chronicles is one of the worst books of the Animorphs series and doesn't add anything new, which, um, no.

It's not hard (for me anyway, but also other writers) to see Tobias as autistic, and Elfangor and/or Ax as having autistic-type traits. I don't want to project specific human diagnoses onto other species who we wouldn't expect to think or act like us anyway. We also know that they're not the only examples of Andalites out there (Alloran, Arbron, etc.) But I like to interpreting Elfangor+Ax as examples of more "typically developing" people relative to Andalite culture/having traits that their society values. So with that in mind, here are some of the worldbuilding tidbits we learn about Andalites and what we can extrapolate from them. Not all will be autism-related, and not all will be consistent with each other/the series. (There are lots of examples of KASUs: the one-child policy stuff and its implications are a big example, but I also find it really interesting to speculate about.) And I recognize that they're not one-dimensional good guys. Still interesting!
  • -Lots of rituals in culture: morning ritual, death ritual, wishflower ritual. Importance of following the rules and doing things the same way over and over again.
  • -Elfangor and Ax are both overwhelmed by taste/sensory issues when in human morph (as is Estrid).
  • -Elfangor prides himself on his ability to overcome the Taxxon hunger instinct in TAC, and that gets him separated from Arbron and Alloran and kickstarts another episode of the plot. I think it's significant that inner strength/resistance is the first characteristic that distinguishes "our" hero from the other guys.
  • -Elfangor is surprised to learn that Alloran had a strong sense of humor in his youth (much like Arbron).
  • -Elfangor tells Loren that Andalites tried to live in cities for a while but preferred the smaller-scale social structures of scoops, with a few spaceports (say that five times fast). Preference for not too much socializing?
  • -Names, how do they work? Elfangor and Ax's family is the only detailed example we see: parents Noorlin-Sirinial-Cooraf and Forlay-Esgarrouth-Maheen, sons Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul and Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill. So presumably it's the middle names that get inherited. Noorlin passes down his name to his son at a time when (because of the one-child policy) they might only expect to have one child? So maybe children typically inherit from the same-gender parent? But then when Ax came along they would get to keep Forlay's name in the family too.
  • -Ax mentions that "all human fathers are male." ?? My headcanon is that this has something to do with who gets to pass down their name in same-sex couples (more on this later).
  • -Ax has the ability to time exactly two Earth hours in his head, which is obviously necessary to the plot; we don't see any other Andalites doing anything like that. Do different people have different weird skills?
  • -Noorlin served in the military in peacetime. Is this common? Maybe a couple years after people (men) complete their studies?
  • -Seerow's Kindness was probably one of the first times Andalites shared technology with another species, otherwise it wouldn't have been such a crushing blow. How many other species outside the Yeerks and the Kelbrid do they know and consider roughly tech equals? There are a couple others namedropped ("only us and the other guys fight the Yeerks...") but never expanded upon.
  • -Humans are considered a relatively quickly-developing species technology-wise. The Andalites in some form are ancient (Ellimist Chronicles) but developed spaceflight, Z-space tech relatively slowly. (The great tragedy of the series is that the Escafil device came along so shortly after Seerow's Kindness--if only the Yeerks had gotten that first!) This however leads to some consistency issues, see the #40 discussion.
  • -Utzum is mostly considered a myth, like the Ellimists. Related to religion? ("the captain is like one of the ancient gods...") Or belief in an afterlife?
  • -Why the prohibition/discouraging of women in the military?
  • -The Quantum Virus/biowarfare stuff. Indicative of a disconnect between the military and the rest of society (led by the Electorate) that's developed by that point: even Elfangor as an aristh is shocked to learn the cause of Alloran's disgrace, and the crew from #38 are presumed dead to everyone. So we see the tension of both general society's principles of honor and the recognition that not everybody lives up to that. I suspect some of the military guys see it as a hyper-utilitarian "greatest good for the greatest number" along with "well the Hork-Bajir are kinda dumb, so who cares about them."
  • -Gafinilan & or / Mertil. Were they a ship? I don't think they canonically are, and so it's a little frustrating to see them described as "oh it's definitely gay, 100% gay, anyone who disagrees is wrong." But I also don't think it's necessary to assume that Andalite society is homophobic. If anything, I think the population growth concerns (again, ignored by several other books) would make society fairly accepting of same-sex marriage--"you two go adopt kids and argue about who passes down the name, no need to make new babies."
  • -Where does prejudice against vecols stem from? Maybe some nonverbal individuals preferred to really become recluses and that led to a societal taboo? Ax mentions being surprised that someone like Mertil, who wasn't compatible with the morphing power, would be let in the military--which doesn't make a lot of sense when you think about the timescale, the morphing technology is a relatively new innovation. (And Andalites tend to only use it for espionage stuff or rapid healing, since they think their natural bodies are so great that why would anyone need another form to fight in?)
  • -How does symbolic language develop in a society with telepathy??? Skimming Ellimist Chronicles, it looks like they develop signed language first, and then that gets associated to more formal thought-speech? Elfangor can project warmth and courage in book 1--is that just something he can do, an individual quirk like Ax's timing, or more general?
  • -Lots of implications for how this plays into autism-type traits. I can see it leading to emotional overload if people go around "dumping" emotion on each other too often--so society prizes stoicism, etc, and people prefer to live on their own in the scoops rather than crowded cities. Or "why would we need words to talk about how we're feeling if we can just, like, share it."
  • -IDK, I just have a lot of thoughts, and better in my own space than disappearing into the void, I guess!
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Optimistic and Encouraging Times (1766 words)
Fandom: Chess - Rice/Ulvaeus/Andersson
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Walter de Courcey/Alexander Molokov
Characters: Alexander Molokov, Walter de Courcey
Additional Tags: IN SPACE!, Canon-typical language, Extra Treat

Half of the worlds are watching.

Chess IN SPACE! It's the future, and the chess players aren't human...but there's still a cold war of sorts, and spies are still doing spy things.
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"In the news" on Wikipedia: the Prespa agreement takes effect. Happy for the new understanding, but man, this is a trip if you want to make the word "Macedonia" stop looking like a word.

One additional concern that had to be taken care of was the seating of the Republic of Macedonia in the General Assembly. Greece rejected seating the Republic's representative under M [as in "Macedonia (former Yugoslav Republic of)"], and the Republic rejected sitting under F (as in "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia", which turned the reference into a proper noun rather than a description). Instead, it was seated under T as "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" and placed next to Thailand.
Some self-parody right here (I think this was also an Olympics entry order concern).
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 Not frivolous in terms of happy but frivolous in terms of trivial, I guess:

I do not like students who are, in class, *raise hand to show off how much they know*. And my choir is...weird. It's a small church, with a few oldsters (at least one of whom is going deaf and complaining about the director, but...she sticks around anyway?), and fewer youngsters (hiya) who are just enthusiastic amateurs.

But...we're also down the road from a large and prestigious university with a music school. So we hire a bunch of ringers, and the choir makes up a very large portion of the weekly attendance, and is pretty good for our church's size. If anything, the director holds us all to the same high standards, getting annoyed when we underperform at times.

So we often have the show-offs being like "ooh, I think we need to do measure 41 again" or "it would be nice if we all watched the director (:" or today, most annoyingly, "let's stand in a circle so we can listen to each other better!" This is not the place to play teacher's pet. :(
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I wrote two fics for the time travel exchange Past Imperfect, Future Unknown!

The Manipulation (3210 words)
Fandom: Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Rachel (Animorphs), Marco (Animorphs)
Additional Tags: Time Travel, Non-Time Traveller POV, Iskoort
Summary: All the Animorphs have secrets to keep. But Marco seems even more secretive than normal, and his secrets hold promise--or peril.

Grave Accents (1540 words) 
Fandom: Star Wars Original Trilogy, Star Wars Prequel Trilogy
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Mace Windu, Leia Organa, Anakin Skywalker
Additional Tags: Time Travel, Extra Treat

In retrospect, Mace decided, it had mostly been Qui-Gon’s fault. He was measured enough not to blame the master for the entire state of affairs; after all, it was not Qui-Gon but chance or the will of the Force that had brought young Leia to Jedha.

Post-canon Marco goes back to his younger self (and body) to diverge the Animorphs' future; young Leia accidentally goes back to the PT era and becomes Mace's Padawan.

I feel like a lot of time travel stories (including these!) can find themselves wanting to be epics, and explain every divergence and the ripple effects...and that's not the kind of story I can write as an exchange gift with a fixed timeframe. (Or possibly ever, given my energy levels. :p ) So it winds up being like just a few "snippets from this universe," which I hope doesn't leave with a "but it ended just when it was getting good! :(" feeling. If so, sorry!

(I have a few self-indulgent and poorly thought out headcanons from down the line of "Grave Accents," but no idea how to explain what happens in the immediate aftermath.)
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 The mayor of Merano says "come to us and feel the force." Star Wars crossover confirmed. 
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A pirate when I'm accepting a bribe: Good choice, son. We've both come out of this richer.
Me: Call me son one more time...!

(The same goes for the rebel soldier who's like "personally, sir, I'd have stuck with the Federation." A, who says I'm a sir, B, don't use the excuse of "there's a war to fight" when you could be fighting for it on our side, dude.)
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So various dreamwidth users came up with the idea to post silliness in February (under a variety of names) to ease the acculturation from Tumblr/not be so serious all the time. Me being me, I'm likely to ramble on anyway, but maybe I'll be less self-conscious about it? (ha ha ha ha ha)

[personal profile] melannen came up with a generator I've modified to suggest random combinations of topics, but today I have silly thoughts about FTL. Unlock-wise, I got the "defense drones..." achievement with the rock (the trick is to fire more than one at once to disable the drones), and then today I completed the Federation Cruiser quest! Cool beams. We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, instead of Hogwarts sorting or whatever the other tropes are (I like Ajahs from Wheel of Time, myself, but that's another story), the cool new typecasting should obviously be stereotyping characters by species in FTL.

Humans: "common and uninteresting," quick to improve at skills
Zoltans: low HP, can power systems
Engi: robotic, good at fixing things, bad at fighting
Mantis: fast, good at fighting, bad at fixing things
Rock: high HP, slow, immune to fire
Slugs: can sense lifeforms, immune to mind control, live in creepy nebulas
Lanius: only available in advanced mode, don't need oxygen and in fact suck it out of rooms
???? there's some kind of bonus species but I have yet to find their homelands, it's a mystery.

Anyway, with regards to something like Hamilton (because that deserves more silliness and less endless rants);
Hamilton: human. A million things he hasn't done, but he learns fast.
Eliza and Angelica: Zoltans. I guess they could be different species if we're going the mixed-ethnicity angle, but I like the contrast of Eliza being the sweet and non-warry one, and Angelica being all like "electricity! wait till Ben Franklin sees this."
Burr: Lanius. Antisocial and aloof, off doing his own thing.
Washington: Rock? Going around stomping out fires. Maybe a Mantis, but he also has to be a smart executive.
Mulligan and Madison: I think also Rocks. Hercules is big, Madison thinks slowly and then says one-word utterances. Sure.
Jefferson: Slug?
Maria and James Reynolds: also Slugs? IDK what the stereotype is for Slugs (nebulas are scary, I try to avoid them), but I would think they'd be kind of the socially manipulative ones...?
Laurens: Zoltan? Not actually that good in a war.

Anyway, you get the idea.
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There's a scene in the last of the Baby-Sitters' Club Friends Forever spinoffs where Stacey McGill is panicking looking for a lost copy of a library book, and then just winds up replacing it so she can graduate.

That's me right now. Except it took multiple trips to Amazon to track it down, but, one less barrier preventing me from graduating. (Now for all the actual academic hurdles...)


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