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 Dear Yuletide author/random passerby/whosoever you may be,
There once was a winter exchange
For small fandoms wondrous and strange!
I'll read any story
And bask in its glory
Whatever you'd like to arrange!
(AKA, optional details are optional! Write whatever you'd like, I'll definitely enjoy it. These are just some ideas to get you started.)
My name is also primeideal on Ao3! If you've been around, you might know me as Ember Nickel.
Dear Writer tag, for previous letters (to see where I've stolen much of this from!) I've requested Animorphs the last couple years, and Schoolhouse Rock in 2012, but the others are new.
I love happy endings, sad endings (when providing some measure of closure or melodrama), snark, wordplay, mathplay, gen of any stripe, friendships and familial bonds, most canon ships for these fandoms, and general nerdery.
I do not like ambiguous endings, issue-fic, character or fandom-bashing, religion-bashing, explicit sex, rape/non-con, most non-canon ships for these fandoms, or overly pretentious, "post-earnestness" style. I'm here for joy. (Or groaning at bad puns, or melodrama...but something sincere.)
I've suggested a couple of goofy crossovers involving kiddy math fandoms (the theme here is that I really love math, okay? I mean, IRL, I have a more conflicted relationship with it, but for here). That doesn't necessarily mean I'm looking for crossovers in general, though. Really depends on the circumstance, use your own best judgment.
You can read my fics on ao3 (where I'm also primeideal) to get a sense of my taste. I'm infrequently on #yuletide chat, as primeideal, but don't expect to find me there on a regular basis. I'm on Tumblr too, and much more active there than on Dreamwidth this past year. You'll find me rambling about some big fandoms, and some of these--in particular, I'm aware that Animorphs is big-for-Yuletide, and Quatrevingt-treize "fandom" took off this year with the #clubninetythree readthrough. While I love those two, I would adore fic for the other tiny fandoms as well! Those just happen to be the ones where I sometimes have an audience.
So in alphabetical order, here we have them:
ANIMORPHS (any character)
Request: "Anything in this fandom. I adore Andalites and would love to read some Elfangor/Loren from the Earth years or in an AU, or Tobias and Ax being shorms. I'd love gen with the main six, Rachel/Tobias shipfic, maybe some Rachel/Marco banter, Jake/Cassie, or OC worldbuilding fic exploring some of the other fronts in the galactic war (the Iskoort and the free Hork-Bajir were sort of abandoned plot threads). More on the Ellimist's meddling could work here, or maybe a younger Toomin appreciating music. Post-series adventures/fix-it are always fun too."
In terms of the tones I enjoy, "The Andalite Chronicles" and its emphasis on hope (despite some tragedy) was one of my favorites of the series. I like that mix more than the giddy, off-the-wall "btw we're in Atlantis now?" of the middle of the series, and also more than the bleak ambiguity of the end. Another thing I don't care for is inaccurate teleology, in this case waxing poetic about how such-and-so-morph was "designed" or "perfect" for speed/strength/stealth/surprise/something. But like I said, anything goes.
PANDEMIC (board game)
Request: "Anything goes! A diverse cast from around the world trying to work together and managing their resources. Hilarious poking at the fourth wall as they complain about the arbitrary constraints of the game would be awesome, but so would melodramatic character death in a scenario where the luck doesn't work out. I'd prefer that graphic descriptions of disease aren't the focal point of the fic, but feel free to be creative."
I'm familiar with the On the Brink expansion so introducing alternate character roles, the virulent strains, or the purple disease would all be fine with me if that's where you choose to take it. Not necessary, though.
QUATREVINGT-TREIZE (any characters: Cimourdain, Gauvain, Michelle Fléchard, Sergeant Radoub nominated)
Request: "Anything in this fandom. Post-canon Michelle and/or Radoub taking care of the kids and making a future for themselves? I'd love either gen or shipfic in this vein. Gauvain is my baby--anything precanon with him and/or Cimourdain, showing his ideals developing, would be awesome. Or Cimourdain's life as a priest--in the village, La Tourgue, etc., his correspondence with people all over Europe. Fix-it fic would be cool (even if it's just fixing the Massacre of Saint Bartholomew, still a great idea), or a happy AU. But you can never go wrong with alternate melodramatic death scenes either."
Like I said, this fandom sort of burgeoned over the past year during a chapter-a-day readthrough. I don't really ship Gauvain/Cimourdain, so I'd prefer not to read their interaction in a romantic light, but obviously they have an intense friendship/familial bond and like I said, Gauvain is my baby. Um. I'd prefer no math-bashing, here, but Hugo has other ideas so knock yourself out. ;)
ROOKIE OF THE YEAR (any characters: Henry, Phil, Mary, and Chet nominated)
Request: "Anything in this fandom. Coach Phil giving Henry advice, or helping him adjust to the unexpected quirks of big-league life? Pre-canon with Mary's pitching career would be great! Mary/Chet post-canon, Mary trying to incorporate Chet into Henry's family life and Henry trying to go back to normal? Phil post-canon having to deal with not having Henry around? I love the Cubs so any baseball references you can work in would be appreciated, but that's just an added bonus."
I don't really remember the subplots involving Henry's kid friends too well, so I'd rather not see too much focus on them, but any of the nominated characters are fine with me. The manager mangling Henry's name is always fun, though. And like I said, baseball specificities are totally optional but great.
Request: "Figure Eight was my favorite of the Schoolhouse Rock videos. Something character-based, with the teacher trying to see how to connect with the daydreaming student? Humor with the skater who knocks himself into the thermometer? More about the infinity sign at the end? I love math at any level so from basic multiplication facts to advanced cardinality theory, there's no such thing as too much math nerdiness."
Well, if people 'get off on your new math tricks' I'd prefer it doesn't get /too/ explicit, but I'm sure there'd be room for humor in there if you want to go down that road. Integrating (oh, see what I did there) the other characters from Multiplication Rock or the other Schoolhouse Rock videos would be great as well (at least between the first four movies, I don't know the "Money" or "Computer" videos). Here's the link if you need to canon review: (and poke around YouTube for the others). This could also be crossed over with Super Solvers, see below.
Request: "I'm not sure how to start narrowing things down for this fandom; I'm in particular familiar with Treasure MathStorm, OutNumbered, and Gizmos and Gadgets, so I'd prefer something based on those and not the others. Anything with math (or science) puzzles would be awesome. Scaled-up, harder puzzles? Or villainous backstory fic for the Master of Mischief, or what the other minor villains get up to when they're not trapping heroes. Humor is welcome, naturally."
All the games I mentioned have playthroughs on YouTube. Also, full disclosure: someone suggested nominating Number Munchers, and I went ahead and did that. Then I saw that this happened, and this is even better. So, if you want to crossover that and introduce Munchers and/or Troggles into any of the aforementioned worlds (or vice versa), go crazy. This could also be crossed over with Schoolhouse Rock, I think.
Hopefully this is enough to get started, and again, feel free to ignore any or all of this and just write the fic that inspires you! Thanks again for writing for me, and have a jolly Yuletide!


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