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Mostly copied and pasted from other letters/my prompts:

Hey there! Thanks so much for writing for me! I love the whole premise of this exchange, and I'm excited for whatever you write. Anything goes, and if you'd like to ignore these prompts and do your own thing, that's completely fine with me!
You can browse my past Dear Author letters for some idea of what I like and dislike in fics. For this particular exchange, most of my major do-not-wants fall into interrelated categories; I would greatly prefer no issue-fic, nor ambiguity for its own sake. In particular, I would rather not receive a gift whose primary focus is on how you or your characters know better or are more politically correct than the original author on any levels, nor one celebrating uncertainty or incomprehensibility of narratives as ends in themselves. This is not an endorsement of any of the widely-disparate authors in question, by any means, just things I don't prefer reading in exchanges. That being said, I also have nothing against unabashedly-meta stories, self-aware and clever stories within stories, etc, so please don't hold back if something ridiculously self-referential strikes, but don't feel compelled to go down that road either.

In general I prefer no non-canon ships (such as among the Amis, or for Animorphs, etc.) Gen is wonderful. 

Animorphs: any of the books
Anything in this fandom! Contrasts between remembered events as viewed by Marco and Jake? What Jake chose to emphasize about Rachel and Tobias? Cassie's thoughts on the butterfly morph or the starfish escapade? Postscripts to second editions in light of your favorite post-54 headcanon?
Harry Potter: Sonnets of a Sorcerer, Hogwarts: A History, The Adventures of Martin Miggs the Mad Muggle
Anything involving sonnets would be great (but be careful lest you trigger the limerick curse!), or other forms of wizarding poetry real or imaginary. For Hogwarts history, feel free to draw on Pottermore canon or your own--secret rooms? House-elf or other magical creature presence? Elective classes? As for Martin Miggs, maybe what wizards would make of him going into Muggle politics, sport, or advanced science? Anything goes.
Les Misérables: any book
Some of Prouvaire's poetry would be amazing--love poems with awkward arithmetic if that's your thing, but any of his speculations, from the divine to pressing social problems of his day would also be awesome.
As for the political texts, feel free to run with whoever strikes your fancy. Combeferre is probably my favorite so anything by him would be awesome. If you'd like to provide "footnotes" and stuff for the critical edition, go for it, but don't feel obliged on that front--just the Amis' thoughts is cool!
Chronicles of Narnia: Is Man a Myth?, Men Monks and Gatekeepers: A Study in Popular Legend
Some earnest speculation on humankind would be hilarious--the evidence for or against, how Narnian residents might find out more, or if they're just legends, where do those legends come from and what parallels might they have in Narnian lore?


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