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Dear Yuletide Writer,

There once was a fanfiction fan
Who reads all the plots that I can.
So follow your muse
And I'll gladly peruse
It, no matter how far from a plan.

That is to say, optional details are optional! Write whatever you'd like, and I'll look forward to reading it. :D

Most of this letter is recycled from previous Dear Author Letters, so let's get back to the regurgitated grind! My name is also primeideal on Ao3, and occasionally Ember Nickel (on FFN, etc). I'm on Tumblr as primeideal, although I'm not particularly active in any of these fandoms.

I love happy endings, sad endings (when providing some measure of closure or melodrama), snark, wordplay, mathplay, gen of any stripe, friendships and familial bonds, most canon ships for these fandoms, fourth-wall bashing and unashamed meta, and general nerdery.

I do not like ambiguous endings, issue-fic, character or fandom-bashing, religion-bashing, explicit sex, rape/non-con, or overly pretentious, "post-earnestness" style. I'm here for joy. (Or groaning at bad puns, or melodrama...but something sincere.)

Most of these fandoms don't have a shippy focus. If you're so inclined, for Incompetent Time-Travellers, Markers, or Super Solvers I'm up for any pairings (of the named characters, or OCs), but also love gen. I'll mention the other fandoms as I get to them.

Incompetent Time-Travelling Saxophone Haters (any character; Adolphe Sax nominated)

"I'm curious about the internal workings--or dysfunction--of the Incompetent Time-Travelling Saxophone Haters themselves. Who are they? When did they come from? Why do they hate saxophones so much? How do they travel back in time? Does Sax survive by his own willpower, by the aid of a rival group of time travellers, or does history just have to lead to the inevitable existence of saxophones? Is there an AU in which they kill him off? What makes them give up and learn to live with Sax--or are they still out there? Any of these answers would be delightful."

This fandom, such as it is, is explained here. I played tenor saxophone for many years so while I'm not a huge fan of saxophone-bashing as the last word, I'm certainly fine with characters bashing the instrument. (Literally or figuratively.)

Markers to Deter Inadvertent Human Intrusion into the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (any character; Cindy, Jo, Linda, Steve nominated)

"If you prefer a focus on the story characters, what brought about this research expedition, or what happens next? What parts of our present-day society are remembered, forgotten, or misunderstood by this cohort and their contemporaries? Alternatively, what could similarly-curious researchers make of the other suggested marker-systems? (A series of AUs, comparing and contrasting them, could be really cool.) I'd prefer at least some reference to some of the proposed markers, but original ideas are fine too."

This fandom, such as it is, can be found in its entirety here; if you skip to page 228, you'll find the story of Cindy, Jo, Linda, and Steve. I think it's awesome that the serious-business analysts wound up writing what's effectively fanfic of their own project. As far as comparing the same characters faced with different markers, a 5(+1) things format might be effective.

Redwall (Mariel)

"I'd like to see future-fic for Mariel--what happens to her (and/or Dandin) after the Bellmaker? Does she ever return to Redwall? Reunite with Joseph in Southsward? Die heroically in battle? Any kind of closure to her plotline would be great. Alternatively, something from earlier in her life--learning about bellmaking? Adventures onboard the Periwinkle?"

"Mariel of Redwall" was the book that got me into the series, so I'd like to have loose ends resolved and/or backstory fleshed out. I'm fine with either a romantic or gen focus to Mariel and Dandin's relationship.

Super Solvers (any character; Master of Mischief, Super Seeker nominated)

"Since I'm most familiar with Treasure MathStorm, OutNumbered, and Gizmos and Gadgets, I'd prefer something set in those settings. Any kind of math/science plots would be welcome--harder puzzles based on more advanced topics? Why did the Master of Mischief choose a life of villainy? Or, what do the minions do when they're not annoying the Seeker? Humor is of course welcome for this fandom."

All of the games I mentioned have playthroughs available on YouTube. I have many memories of playing these back in the day--perhaps unsurprisingly, I struggled with the "trapping minions" part (and those complex gears), but most of the math I got down pat!

Wheel of Time (Rand al'Thor, Tam al'Thor)

"I'd like to see these two reuniting post-series, once Rand's had time to calm down and seek out some other family relationships in his life. What does Tam do after the battle--organize peacetime military in the Two Rivers? Retire back to the farm? Alternatively, something from earlier in their lives--how did he get the heronmark sword, or teach Rand to master the flame and the void?"

There's some cool post-canon fics in this fandom already, but there's always room for more! If the "Rand reunites with some of his close non-romantic friends" angle appeals to you, feel free to bring in other good-guy characters (nominated or not), but I'd prefer that the emphasis not be on shipping for this fandom.

Winter Journeys (any character; Georges Perec, Hugo Vernier, Vincent Degraël nominated)

"Some silly meta-fic would not be amiss in this fandom; maybe there's a kerfluffle when someone's Yuletide gift seems to have been plagiarizing some notable stories from past years? But wait, is this a new story, or a backdated archive from the old site...? Oulipian silliness and/or constraints ensue. If you'd prefer something closer to the original story, maybe Degraël's experience during the war, or the literary encounters that inspired him to become an academic."

Here's a link to the original Perec story; while it doesn't really capture the absurdities of the sequels, it gives a reference for Vernier and Degraël at least. (And here is my brief summary of the full book.) Please don't feel compelled to include any particular characters if your ideas for this fandom are more tangential.


Once again, feel free to ignore any suggestions and write what inspires you. Thanks so much for writing for me, and have a festive Yuletide!

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FYI, the "link" to the waste markers isn't a link.


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