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Thanks so much for writing for me! I'd be happy with anything for any of these fandoms, and these should just be treated as jumping-off points; feel free to come up with a very different idea (random worldbuilding could be fun!)

General likes: happy endings, sad endings (when providing some measure of closure or melodrama), gen, friendship, enemy-ness, humor, characters nerding out IN SPACE. (Or on Earth!)
General dislikes: ambiguous endings, issue-fic, explicit sex, rape/non-con.

FTL: Faster Than Light
(Zoltan quest captain, Repair drones, Rebel soldier, Ariadne.)
(I know this is AND matching, but I'd be really happy with a story about any of these characters! Don't feel like you have to shoehorn them all in.)
I love this game, and I love all the different characters who, against the backdrop of a relatively simple structure, hint at a complex galaxy and story. I'd be thrilled to see any part of their past, present, or future.
Ariadne--the Rock bride who sullenly mopes in your cargo bay, then tries to escape her own wedding and can possibly join your crew. Backstory would be great--what is she running away from? Does she fit in on the ship? Or explore the world where she stays put and gets married--does she fall in love with her spouse eventually? Does the war catch up to her?
Rebel soldier--in particular, I'm thinking of the one who says they would prefer to stick with the federation, but feels like they need to be part of a war. Really?! Do they not have a choice in the matter? And they're in a war right now, can't they switch sides if they want? What's up with this captain, really?
Zoltan quest captain ("Envoy")--how do his beliefs in peace and harmony keep him going amid the horrors of war? How has he reacted, well or poorly, to those who have come across his ship? Does he ever regret aiding/joining up with the federation ships/his "brethren," when he sees what they're capable of?
Repair drones--they don't know where you came from, and they don't care (but they're the right place for some ship repair). Is this really true? If so, would that make them the most tolerant and open-minded beings in a war-torn galaxy? Why the heck are they programmed to speak in rhyme?! ;)
Just about anything you write about this game will make me happy, I love it to pieces (which is good, because my ship is always left in them. So no endgame spoilers, please! I have confronted the final boss a couple times but never made much headway against it.)
As far as "which canon I'm familiar with," I've unlocked: Kestrel, Torus, Vortex, Adjudicator, Noether, Cerenkov, Bulwark. Please don't include stasis pod spoilers, I'm stuck on that puzzle, grr. (This may change but for now here's where I'm at.)

Ender Series--Orson Scott Card
(Ender Wiggin, Bean, Petra Arkanian, Peter Wiggin)
(I know this is AND matching, but I'd be really happy with a story about any of these characters! Don't feel like you have to shoehorn them all in.)
I'd like to see something set in Battle School, canon or canon-divergent AU. Some ideas (don't feel like you have to stick with this):
-Maybe the instructors didn't feel confident that Ender would be the right leader, and had to go with a backup plan? What if one of the other main characters had tested close enough to their benchmarks that they'd been trained as the last best hope instead? (This includes Valentine, who I didn't have room to request, if you prefer writing about her.)
-How long did Petra or Bean last in the Mind Game? (Or Peter or others in an AU.) What made them give up?
-Alternatively, if you're caught up with "Shadows in Flight", anything exploring what it means to Bean to be not-quite-human. (If potentially saving Earth preserved the life of his nascent species as well, maybe it only makes sense for him to play a part in defending it! Maybe not?)
I'm familiar with just about all of the full-length sequels in this series, both in Ender's timeline and Bean's, but not the co-written prequels.
Austin & Murry-O'Keefe Families--Madeleine L'Engle
(Meg Murry | O'Keefe)
Anything relevant to the Kairos (Murry/O'Keefe) side would be fun, but in terms of space-relevant things:
-Meg finds a way to go back and manage on a two-dimensional planet!
-Something comparing/contrasting the extremes of sensation/emotion Meg feels on Aunt Beast's world with her experiences kything with Ananda and Charles Wallace two books later. (Reading the books it comes off as "this is the coolest thing ever!" "no, this is the coolest thing ever!" as if she's forgotten her previous adventures, obviously whatever's happening in the moment is paramount, but I'd be interested to see something that integrates/parallels these more completely.)
-Someone from another place/time (Polly?) visits the Happy Medium to look for/at Meg, paralleling her search for her father from "A Wrinkle in Time."
-Grown-up Meg still has the knack for kything with Charles Wallace, but she's surprised to hear one of the Mrs. W's respond years after they went their separate ways.
Or anything else you can think of would be a delight! I'd prefer to stay relatively within the tone of canon, though of course, humor is always great.
I've read the Time Quintet, but am not familiar with pretty much any of the Austin series.


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