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Thank you so much for writing for me! Don't feel bound by anything I say here--if something else inspires you, write what you'd like, and I look forward to reading it.

I have a lot of different requests here from friendships to enemyhood to familial bonds, and I'd be very thrilled to get a fic for any of these! Some of the prompt lengths for individual relationships or fandoms may be wordier than others but that's not indicative of interest. Feel free to mix and match prompts, too.

My general dislikes are issue-fic and cliffhanger endings--I strongly prefer self-contained stories that lead to some resolution, be that happy or sad. (I have no problem with character death, if that's the route you want to go down!)

For any of these fandoms, I'd enjoy canon-divergence AUs or "5+1 things" type fic, and I'm always up for creative-formatting type of stories (epistolary, documentation, go nuts). But again, don't feel compelled to do that.

Placeholder for relationship-specific prompts:

Elfangor & Any: I do mean anyone, minor or major characters (I'd prefer not Loren for a gen exchange, though). What were his friendships like with Andalites onboard the GalaxyTree travelling to Earth? How did he and Ax get along? How does Visser Three view their rivalry? What if he could have known Tobias longer?
Aftran & Cassie: How did Aftran rediscover that Cassie had gotten through #19 okay? What if they'd found a way to keep in touch/have the Peace Movement play a more active role?
Ax & Tobias: Ax teaching Tobias about Andalite custom? What does the "innate" Andalite optimism mean to them? If you headcanon them surviving the Blade Ship encounter, what comes next?
Harry Potter:
Charlie & Oliver: Quidditch buddies! Enduring the unsuccessful seasons before Harry's arrival, or correspondence afterwards?
Terry & Michael & Anthony: the Ravenclaw boys who joined the DA. How are they alike, and how are they different? (How) do they survive the seventh year?
Angelina & Lee: More Quidditch friendship (/banter) would be great. Dumbledore's Army practices, or life under the regime in book 7?
Sirius & Regulus: glimpses into their relationship at Hogwarts or before? Did they ever reconnect after Sirius ran away? What if Regulus had confided in him about the locket?

Star Wars (OT):

I'm happy with any subset of main characters but technically only requested a handful of relationships so we wouldn't be here all week! Feel free to focus on whichever subset you want, except for Han+Leia as a gen relationship.
I requested OT to fit all these characters/relationships in, but I'm fine with a fic set in any era, be that a missing scene from the original trilogy itself, an prequel-era AU in which Anakin raises the twins, or sequel-era fic with Lando mourning Han's death, etc! The one thing I'd ask for this fandom is not to include Kylo Ren|Ben as a main character (mentions are okay if era-relevant).
Lando & Han: their first meeting? Do they keep in touch post-OT era?
Luke & Leia: Luke helping Leia explore the Force in her own way? An AU where they met differently (what if Leia had made it to Tatooine safely?)
Lando & Han & Luke & Leia: exploring alien worlds? Transporting a dangerous plot-device? Relaxing after a battle?
Vader & Luke or Vader & Leia (same prompts): opportunities either one could have had to figure out their connection, but near-misses? Anakin's spirit giving them advice in post-OT era?
Vader & Lando: brokering the original Cloud City deal? What if Lando had resisted him earlier, or never at all?

Gareth & Sidney: adventures on the quest to rescue Madalena? More accounts of the "guess whose name I have on my head" game?
Isabella & The Monks: Worldbuilding! What is life like for monks who perpetually sing, and how does a princess handle them? Lyrics are not required, but would be welcome ;)


Charlie & Don: a post-canon case? Family dinners (in adulthood versus childhood?) Charlie lending his statistics expertise in the AU where Don pursued a baseball career?
Larry & Amita: departmental politics? An interdisciplinary collaboration? Dispatches from Larry's space travels? Math nerdery is always welcome!


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