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Dear Author,

Thank you very much for writing for me! Please don't feel bound by these prompts; they're just there to get you started, and I hope you have fun writing whatever inspires you for these characters and fandoms. I'd be thrilled to get fic for any of these, and while I may have more to say about some of these than others, that shouldn't be taken as indicative of interest. Feel free to mix and match prompts, too. In some my prompts are more split up by relationship; in some they're more "prompts for any combination."

I'm also primeideal on Ao3.

General dislikes: explicit sex, rape/non-con, issue-fic, and cliffhangers. I strongly prefer self-contained stories, be they happy or sad. (I have no problem with character death, if that's the route you want to go down!)

I generally enjoy "5+1"/"N things" sort of fic, or nonstandard formatting like documentation, epistolary, flashbacks etc, or "canonical AUs" in fandoms where those make sense. Again, don't feel compelled to do that!

For any of these fandoms, feel free to bring in any other characters, but I'd rather not see a focus on non-canon romance if I didn't request it.

Elfangor & Ax
Elfangor & Tobias
Ax & Loren
Loren & Tobias

The Sirinial-Esgarrouth-how do names work family! I'd be happy about fic including any of these characters, in any era of canon, or an AU setting where Tobias knew Elfangor longer/differently, or Loren regains her memories to interact with Ax, etc.

Anything related to Andalite worldbuilding and culture would be cool! Before the war, how the war has shaped them (the one-child policy, etc.) Stuff like the innate optimism fascinates me, as well as Ax's time sense; is that common? Rare? Do others have equally useful/weird skills? Driftball in the captain's quarters versus human softball? Using the hirac delest/Time Matrix stuff to get glimpses of the past?

As regards humans: how might Loren use her morphing ability after the war? Does Ax reluctantly help her acquire new morphs, or does she find some other way to keep in touch? Do they cross paths again, and under what circumstances? (Feel free to do something farther-flung, too! This is just a jumping-off point.)

Ginny & Will
Ginny & Bill
Ginny & Blip
Ginny & Evelyn

I'm fascinated by Bill's dreams and unwavering commitment to Ginny, and by the glimpses we've seen of Will, how he's struggled in childhood and adulthood to be his own person and not just Ginny Baker's brother. I'd be interested to see the siblings at any era--Will reaching for success on his own and Ginny hoping or supporting him to achieve it, for both their sakes. Outsiders' points of view on Bill and Ginny's progress through high school could be interesting, whether impressed or cynical; or Ginny's imagination of him at later phases in canon/minor league era.

I adore Blip and Evelyn's warmth and humor. More silliness in the vein of the "lucky shirt" subplot, accommodating each others' quirks, could be funny, and-or in-jokes with Ginny. Something like the last couple episodes, with Evelyn pursuing her business interests with the restaurant, would also be cool; I'd prefer it not to be completely bleak between the main characters, though.

I love baseball and the show's shoutouts so would be delighted by any baseball stuff you throw in if you're so inclined; if not, please don't feel like you have to!

Crossovers (Pitch/Animorphs):
Mike Lawson/Rachel (Animorphs)
Ginny Baker & Marco (Animorphs)

So I've seen the headcanon floating around that ocean+zoo access+various California hints=the Animorphs' hometown could well be San Diego, and with the 90s' timeline, it's not altogether out of the question for them to be living in the same world? I'd love to see Marco dealing with his celebrity in fine style, heroically trying to rescue Ginny from being the most important person in the room by stealing the spotlight/making conversation/awkwardly flirting, and a friendship striking up.

Rachel the Animorph is probably a couple of years too young to be the same character as Mike's sports-journalist ex-wife, but I think this could be handwaved and surprise, maybe she survived the war and wound up with him? (If you want to do this I'm fine if they don't stay together in the end and sticking with the canon timeline, depending on when you want to set it.) Otherwise, maybe they're two different people and he just has a type?

Feel free to bring in any other characters you want from either canon. Bill's tragic backstory involves The Sharing? Livan obtained illegal access to an Escafil device and that's how he recovered from all those injuries during the World Baseball Classic? Anything goes.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:
Teddy Lupin & Delphi
Hermione & Severus

So for all the talk of missing families and long-lost family connections with Draco and Delphi, Teddy's absence loomed large to me in Cursed Child, and I'd love to see something where he meets her and deals with the fallout. Is he working as a guard in Azkaban? Introduced via Draco somehow? Has he kept up with Harry's kids/supported Al through his teenage angst, or is he off doing his own thing? And does this branch of the tree change Delphi's outlook on anything? (Or not.)

Hermione and Snape in the dark timeline, waging their underground resistance against Voldemort's regime! How their reluctant trust becomes friendship and a camaraderie-in-arms? Resolve in the face of loss? Or glimpses of what else in the magical world has stayed the same versus changed? More time travel shenanigans are always fun.

If you include Ron, please don't reduce him to comic relief.

Chess (board game):
Any (nominated ships):
Bishop & or / Knight
Pawn & or / Queen
Queen & or / Queen

Really, anything goes for this fandom. Crack? Serious anthropomorphism? Intrateam fraternization during a long conflict? Interteam betrayals?Heroic (or not-so-heroic) sacrifices? Espionage gone wrong? Puzzles? What's up with the weird special rules?

I don't have any gender preferences for my pawns, bishops, or knights!


Again, don't feel bound by any of this, and thank you once more for writing for me!


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