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Dear Yoda,

I'm also primeideal on ao3.
Thank you so much for writing for me! Love the fanworks created last year, I did; going with a minor character focus this time around, I am. ;)
In most cases, I chose single characters rather than preset relationships because I'd rather you have the freedom to make unexpected connections--set a story in an era we didn't see onscreen or bring in other characters if you'd like!
General likes: happy endings, sad endings (when providing some measure of closure or melodrama--I have no problem with character death, if that's the road you want to go down), gen, friendship, enemy-ness, time travel, five things, canon-divergence AUs. I'm also fine with total crack, so if you want to write something with a really nonstandard format (William Shakespeare's Star Wars, Backstroke of the West, fictional documentation), go nuts.
General dislikes: ambiguous endings, issue-fic, explicit sex, underage sex, rape/non-con. If something relies on knowledge of secondary canon, I'm afraid I probably won't understand the allusions. I prefer no AUs that are mundane in the sense of humdrum, but if you have an idea for these ships that brings out the fantastic and hopeful themes of Star Wars in somewhere equally dramatic but a different setting, feel free to go crazy. And while I like most unconventional fic formats I'm not a big fan of plain second-person prose.
For this exchange, I'd prefer you not ship the single-character requests with other canon characters. If you'd like to make up OCs for them to be paired romantically with, go for it, but gen is fine.

Here are just a few suggestions for each character to get an idea for the range of plots I'd be interested in, really anything goes.

Bail Organa & Leia Organa
-Bail fights so that his daughter will be free to pursue any future she wants--and is proud, if bittersweet, to see her following the same path he did.
-When Leia's relationship to Darth Vader comes to light decades later, pundits ask again; what did Bail know, and when did he know it? (I'm sort of familiar with this secondary canon by osmosis; feel free to draw on that part if need be, or create your own version.)
-Leia's Force powers accidentally manifest at an inconvenient time, and Bail is in charge of awkward cover-up.
-Bail briefs Leia about Obi-Wan and his prequel reminisces before her Tatooine mission

(I didn't request the tag that includes Breha, but feel free to include her in anything you write! No obligation, though.)
-What kind of free will do Imperial droids have versus reprogrammed ones? How unique is K-2SO after his "upgrade"?
-Duty, sacrifice, and/or other abstract concepts that Cassian Andor now has to explain to this droid he's saddled himself with
-Mon Mothma's job was hard enough without this cynical robot reporting the odds of failure of every...single...Senate vote.
-C-3PO and K-2SO's exciting life staying in one piece while their humans get themselves in trouble
Lor San Tekka
-What does the Church of the Force get up to? A day in the life of studying and revering a power they believe in but can't access.
-Lor and Luke Skywalker's speculative research about the Jedi temple
-Lor once crossed paths with Rey, not knowing who the desert scavenger was
-Studying the Force was a lot riskier during the Imperial era...
Maz Kanata
-"If you live long enough, you see the same eyes in different people." Maz notes an unexpected parallel between generations.
-Five weapons Maz has acquired over the years, and one she's given away
-How did Maz learn about the Force? Has she taught anyone?
-Someone nominated Cassian Andor, Lando Calrissian, and Maz, and I don't know what that would look like other than "three rogues walk into a bar and the Empire is angry at all of them," but I'd love to see it.
Like I said, don't feel compelled to use these, just if they're helpful as jumping-off points. Thanks in advance for whatever you come up with,  and of course, may the force be with you!


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