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Hello old-timers/new-timers/etc. I haven't been directly affected by the Tumblr crackdown, but many people in my networks are taking advantage of it to move/lurk/crosspost/chill over here, and longer rambly textposts have always been more my style anyway. (That said, I'm a little insecure about "why am I shouting into the void, nobody caaaares about my long stupid feelings, so we'll see how this goes.)

I mostly plan to use this to discuss fandom-related things rather than RL. Here are approximately 10 facts about me anyway. Feel free to ignore/use these as an excuse to ignore me, I won't be offended.

  • I'm autistic, diagnosed with then-Asperger's syndrome when I was six. I don't consider myself "disabled" per se, but I do have an exaggerated profile of strengths and weaknesses in many areas.

  • I'm Christian (Lutheran, ELCA). We're in many ways a fairly openminded denomination that tries to emphasize that God is the agent, or as I like to think of it "grammatical subject," in the universe--we humans can't become "good enough" for perfection on our own, but God loves us and is in our corner anyway! (**)
  • I don't post a lot about those two things necessarily, but I think they're more important for "about me" than a lot of the things I do post about, but a lot of people give them both bad names, so it just makes me insecure and unwilling to talk about anything. Trying to get over myself here for a potential DW resurgence, there isn't enough time in the day to go moping around.
  • I love baseball, especially the Chicago Cubs.
  • I'm working on an advanced degree in math(ematical logic). Not planning to stay in academia. Hopefully the end is in sight!
  • Over the last few years I've been getting into modern board games, especially social-deduction stuff like Resistance and Mafia/werewolf.
  • I tend towards the left politically in many areas. Again, I probably won't engage in much discussion on this platform, since I think it's easy to get sucked into endless virtue signalling and/or despair, and that's not really what I'm here for.
  • Fannish wise, I've been into Animorphs for many years, and have been active in Harry Potter and Les Miserables fandom as well though I'm not particularly at present. At the moment I'm on a Star Wars kick. Here's my Ao3 account!
  • I have strong feelings about these, in particular as involves the right hope-to-nihilism ratio, which sometimes put me at odds with the rest of the fandom. :)
  • I fight chronic migraines and some mild depression/anxiety issues, again, don't plan to post much about these, but might just have blather of "migraines suck, details at 11."
  • I don't have any locked or filtered posts for now. We'll see what I wind up writing about.
  • I think it's a lot of fun to "lipogram" or post a bunch of writing without a common symbol in our list of glyphs, such as that no-good, too-popular vocalic sound amidst "d" and "f." (Many moons ago I was going for a "post lots of lipograms on DW" goal, I don't plan to go back to that, but it will occasionally show up in my fanfiction.)

Whew, okay. I know a lot of this kind of whining can be off-putting, so really, I won't be offended if you ignore me, just want you to have an idea of what you're getting into. If you've seen my Tumblr account anyway you probably know what kind of humor/fic/blather I'm into, this is just a little more about the blogger. And who knows, maybe I forget to come back to this.

(**)While I'm here--unrelated to the Tumblr shenanigans, I very recently set myself a project to blog my way through the Lutheran hymnal, complaining about the alto parts/bad rhyme schemes/other nonsense. Not sure if I'll keep up with that either, but you can find it at if you're into that sort of thing.

That's more than enough from me for now, just thought I'd finally be the change. To those who've followed me for months/years and are blinking at my sudden addition of you to the reading lists--hi, I'm a fan, I'm just very awkward. :)

Date: 12/7/18 01:31 am (UTC)
acequeenking: Persephone - Dante Gabriel Rosetti (Default)
From: [personal profile] acequeenking
CUBBIEEESSSSSSSSSS - I wonder if we are from the same midwestern state? :D (aka: the best midwestern state)

Also I had no idea you were into Les Miserables! It looks like you've written a lot of the amis - are those your fav? :D

Date: 12/7/18 05:21 am (UTC)
acequeenking: Made from an instagram picture: (Erin Kellyman)
From: [personal profile] acequeenking

Him and Eponine and Fantine which....was not good planning on tiny me's heart.

AND <3 <3 <3 <3 I might get to see you at Celebration then. =D


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