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Another original story for [community profile] tic_tac_woe (Apocalypse Bingo): "The Giants' Bargain," for the prompt "Stellar Disaster."

About 5,000 words long. Some death, as to be expected in an apocalypse; no violence or sexual content. Fantasy setting, not related to my other stories/RP verses.

Tangential xkcd link (not necessary to read for the story, but a little bit of an inspiration and still very funny). The Giants' Bargain )
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For [community profile] tic_tac_woe (Apocalypse Bingo), I wrote this story for the prompt "Dystopia Without End"!

This is a script set in the fictional country of Zwangzug, which I've RPed on the browser game NationStates. As it is now, Zwangzug is a nice place to be--not perfect, but pretty great. So this is an in-universe script written by a Zwangzugian film-maker, imagining what it would be like in an alternate universe where things went wrong shortly after a national tragedy early in Zwangzug's history. A lot of the allusions will only be funny to me (or someone who's read a lot of my factbooks, I guess), but it should still make sense as an original story. (The main characters are very loosely based on some of my main sports characters, and this would be a parallel that might or might not be recognized in-universe; again, you shouldn't have to get any of this to enjoy it as a story.)

It's about 13,000 words long. I "Choose Not To Warn" in the sense that there can and likely will be lots of violence and character death ahead; there's no sexual content.

Some other content you might find in various amounts includes baseball fans, consensual violence, humor (gallows and otherwise), and conlanging!

Worm Holes )


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